Ariel and Bo

Ariel and Bo's Engagement in On an airplane above the place we met!

Where do i begin! August 5th, 2016, i met the man of my dreams, Bo. It’s just so happened he came out with my cousin at the same place i was with my mom and a few others in Coney Island, Brooklyn. They then came to the area we were sitting in. He approached my mom and had a conversation about how he wants to settle down but never met the right one and as he said this he asked my mom “what about this one” and looked at me. Immediately, he caught my attention and he had all of it. After some small talk he instantly said, “if you’re serious, then I’m serious”. Shortly after, he put his number in my phone and saved it under “Bo future husband”. I couldn’t help myself and before i was heading out, i had to kiss him. Fast forward to November 16th, 2017, 2 days before my birthday. He planned a whole night for us but i had no idea what was in store for us. We started off by getting on a mini plane and went flying. Shortly after i started to realize we’re not on the route we’re supposed to be on. We then ended up at a shooting range, something he knew I’ve been dying to do forever! This shooting range just so happened to be on a street called “McBride”. Coincidence much?? After this, on our way back to the airport we were passing Coney Island, the place we met. I immediately noticed it and pointed it out. The pilot then asked me what the first words Bo said to me and what he put his name under in my phone. And once he reached for his jacket pocket, i knew exactly what was happening. The most amazing man of my dreams wants to spend the rest of our lives together.

Ariel's Proposal in On an airplane above the place we met!

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