Ariel and AJ

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How We Met

AJ and I met my sophomore year of high school on the staff of our school’s newspaper. He is a year older than me so I thought he was definitely out of my league since I was the youngest member on staff. To my surprise he asked me to his junior prom that year (a big deal) but after that told me he only wanted to be friends. Yet that summer we spent almost every day together and he asked me to be his girlfriend under the Fourth of July fireworks. We decided to try long distance for college, with him staying in Illinois and me moving to Boston when I graduated. We not only survived that but made it through two semesters of study abroad apart before he moved out to Boston for his masters. Seven years after our first date, we’re engaged!

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how they asked

Even though we both live in Boston now, AJ and I grew up in and love Chicago. We both got a chance to go home this summer to visit family and spend time in our favorite city. We had set aside a date night for just the two of us. The plan was to meet up with a mutual friend who lives in the city and hang out on his rooftop after dinner.

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After going up and checking out the view, AJ pulled out the journal we had written in and mailed back and forth to each other when we were dating long distance. He had written one final entry with the final line saying “I have never wanted to marry you more than I do right now.”

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