Ariel and Adam

How We Met

Adam first contacted us in mid October and introduced himself as the Ariel’s other half. Of course I knew exactly who Adam was, as his other half Ariel was one of the talented ladies I’ve been lucky to have on my team for the past two (wedding) seasons. Adam right away expressed that the ring would be ready in a few weeks time and he wanted to plan a surprise proposal that was extra special, which was really the way he described Ariel to us. With our help, a few white lies (here and there) and four weeks later, Adam proposed to his sweet heart and also managed to (again) surprise her an hour later for a “surprise” engagement party! Let’s just say there were quite a few (happy) tears involved that evening!!!

how they asked

Adam would plan for dinner at a recent restaurant they had been coveting (Hawksworth Restaurant) followed by a theatre performance, which was typical of their standard Friday night date night plans.

Myself and Ariel’s sister invited the guests for a surprise engagement party. While brainstorming ways to have the couple directed to the private room (where the proposal would take place), Ariel who also works as an event planner contacted the venue (all on her own) and requested to view the private dinning room prior to start of their meal, as she always wanted a quick tour of the space!!

This made for smooth sailing!!! The private dinning room was decorated with an aisle of candles and white roses leading up to the stain glass window, and featured a solo guitarist who would later serenade the couple with their favourite love songs over dinner.

Once the couple enter the York room, Adam led his girl down the candle lit aisle and got down on one knee.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Hawksworth Restaurant, York Room

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hawksworth Restaurant, York Room

It was the perfect moment and the pair shared an intimate dinner for two. Apres dinner they departed for the theatre but soon returned as the Adam has forgotten how credit card (conveniently planned) at the restaurant.

Ariel's Proposal in Hawksworth Restaurant, York Room

During this time we flipped the space to setup for a cocktail party featuring a few dozen of the couples closest friends and family. Adam joined their guests and then called Ariel asking her to come up to the room as the restaurant required an I.D. card in order to pick up the credit card. Ariel walked into the room surprised to find her family and friends gathered (in surprise) to toast their new engagement.

Proposal Ideas Hawksworth Restaurant, York Room

There were happy tears all around followed by laughter and clinking of glasses. It was a perfect evening celebrating the start of this new chapter surrounded by loved ones and we couldn’t be happier to have been a part of it all.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Hawksworth Restaurant, York Room

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