Ariel and Adam

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How We Met

We met online as many couples do nowadays. We were both busy professionals and were in search of the exact same things in love and in life. For two people with so much in common, we had a few super rocky years, but in the end, love prevailed and in September 2017 we married, in the same room, at the Hawksworth Restaurant, surrounded by the same family and friends.

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how they asked

It had to be a surprise, but not like any surprise before it. I’ve done surprises, but this had to set a whole new standard. In retrospect, setting the bar so high, so early on is going to make it tough for future surprises.

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It started with the ring. There was no sense in planning anything if I couldn’t get the ring I wanted. I knew a custom jeweler in town, and so him (Colin Ferguson @ Rare Investments, Formally Carats) and I started with size of the diamond, all the Cs until we were able to find the best you could possibly find for that size of stone. I ordered the stone and moved on to the setting.

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Setting was pretty easy because a year earlier Ariel had sent me a picture of this incredible halo setting on top of a platinum band encrusted with diamonds. It was as easy as saying make me exactly that.

While these things were on the way to Canada, I reached out to Nargess at Fleur de Lis. Ariel and her are both planners, and Ariel had assisted on a few of Nargess’ weddings. Ariel would not work with anyone less than firstrate. Nargess had me consider a whole bunch of different venues from AirBnBs to hotels to restaurants. After much deliberation, we decided on the stunning York Room at The Hawksworth Restaurant, located in the historic Hotel Georgia in downtown Vancouver. The room is so beautiful it barely needed any decor. Flowers, dessert table, cake, calligraphy, guitarist/vocalist and some simple decor were chosen. Our vendors were so generous and professional. Last was the menu and drinks, provided by the restaurant.

Ariel and I had planned to see a comedy show that night, and she’d long mentioned that while we’d had breakfast at Hawksworth, we’d never had dinner. I ‘made a reservation’ for that evening for before the show. Much planning went into every aspect of what was about to ensue. Funny enough, Ariel too had enquired with the restaurant. She is a planner, and she wanted to view the space for a future event. Fortunately, we had been in touch with the restaurant first, and so they alerted Nargess to her inquiry. The restaurant played it smooth and let Ariel know that she could view it before the dinner we had reservations for. We arrived a little bit late to the restaurant. I was flustered because everything would work, assuming we ran on time. The host knew to expect us and knew to take us up to the York Room first before dinner. The host opened up the french doors to reveal a candlelit runway which led to this beautiful stain-glass window, all adorned by the most luxurious chandelier above.

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At first sight, Ariel thought that this must have been for another event and was concerned that they’d left the candles unsupervised. I can almost remember her reaching down, about to blow one out. I walked her up the runway, got into position, and only once I had essentially dragged her into position did she get it. The photographer might have given it away too at this point. I stumbled through my words, got down on one knee, barely holding it together as I do (as evidenced by the wedding to ensue months later), and asked her to marry me. She said yes.

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Fleur de Lis had arranged a private dinner for two at this elegantly decorated, candle-lit table just off to the left of the runway. We sat down, champagne was served and the musician took his place to play a few of our favourite songs for the duration of the dinner by Hawksworth.

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We still had a show to get to. Yes, the plot thickens. We left the private room, got back in the car and drove to the show. She told me later how strange she thought it was that I would have planned this to happen before a comedy show. We went, sat down and as planned I received a call from the restaurant. I’d forgotten my wallet. More concerned than I would ever be about a wallet that is safely being stored at a very nice restaurant, and urged her that we must go back. I predicted that she would be concerned about getting back into the show, so before the call arrived I had privately spoken to the doormen to let him know of the plans, and when she asks if we will be able to get back in (I knew she would), when she did, he said yes.

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We rushed back to the restaurant. I parked valet in front of the hotel, which in retrospect was very uncharacteristic, but given the rush, I figured it would pass. Before I ran into the restaurant, I carefully left my ID in the car cup holder. I keep my ID separate from my cards. I got to the room where the proposal had happened and called Ariel. “Ariel, they want to see my ID to claim the wallet.” I asked her to leave the keys with the valet (nice touch Nargess). I told her I was in the room where I’d done the proposal. Well, she walked through the doors and to her surprise, all our family, and friends were there, enjoying drinks and hors-d’oeuvres, waiting for us. We shared the rest of the evening with family and friends.

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