Arianna and Jason

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How We Met

Jason and I have known each other since high school. We were always friendly throughout the years but after college we ended up running into each other at a mutual friends party. Jason asked me to go out for dinner to catch up and every since that Friday night we have been attached at the hip. We have been together for over three years :) We realized there were so many similarities and connections between us, including our last name as we are both Gold’s!

Our parents grew up on neighboring streets, our grandpa’s have the same name, our grandparents live next to each other, my initials are the same as his sister’s, we were engaged on the 24th, Jason’s sister was engaged on the 24th and my mother’s lucky number is 24.

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how they asked

I have a fashion blog called Blake and Gold and I frequently meet up with my photographer who is one of our closest friends. Hallie initiated meeting in Central Park on a Friday afternoon to shoot a few looks, so I brought 4 outfits with me to keep changing on the way. I had a white dress and Hallie suggested keeping it for my last look which I did. As we are approaching the beautiful Central Park Boathouse there was a little shaded area, off the beaten path that was not crowded with tourists.

As I was shooting, Jason appeared from behind a few trees and got down on one knee. Hallie was able to capture every moment which was so special and absolutely perfect. Later that day we went to dinner with our families and Jason surprised me and rented out my favorite restaurant, Per Lei, where all of our friends were waiting for us! It was the most emotional, but memorable day of our lives.

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Special Thanks

Hallie Geller
 | Photographer