Arianna and Corey

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How We Met

Corey and I have known each other for 4 years now. Our love story didn’t really begin as a ~love~ story. We originally met on bumble in the summer of 2016 and later found out we would both go to the local country bar pretty much religiously every week. We met up and hung out a few times but nothing really romantic ever happened. We kinda lost touch for about a year after that (he blames me for this because he said I “ditched” him one night to go get ice cream with my friends haha).

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In that time period after we lost touch, he had deleted his social media account. Fast forward to spring of 2017 when he requested to follow me on Instagram again..and of course, I screenshotted his request and sent him a text that said “You deleted me on Instagram?!” Not knowing that he had deleted his account. After that conversation we made plans to hang out again as friends and just catch up since we hadn’t seen each other in many months…and after that, the rest is history!

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How They Asked

So I had been bugging Corey for the last year, constantly asking him the big question: “When are we going to get engaged?” I would send him pictures of rings I liked basically every day. Corey and I love to travel so we had planned a trip to Ireland during St. Patrick’s day week this year but then of course our plans got canceled due to COVID-19. We were both super bummed about this. Back in April Corey and I was having a heart to heart conversation and basically spilled the beans that he was going to pop the question in Ireland, which only made me sadder that the trip got canceled but also at the same time I was ecstatic because I knew he had the ring. He then told me he wanted to wait to propose until everything with COVID-19 calmed down so we could properly celebrate with friends and family. Fast forward a month to May 17th, Corey, and I had plans to have a boat day which wasn’t out of the ordinary for us. The day didn’t really start off that great as I had only gotten a few hours of sleep the night before (anyone that knows me knows how grumpy I get when I’m tired).

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Aside from the lack of sleep, I had gotten an awful sunburn on the boat within the first few hours. So being the sweet gentleman Corey is, he was determined to find some shade for me. We pulled up to this little chickee hut in the middle of the water where he set up a hammock for me. Little did we know that the chickee was swarming with yellow jackets and I got stung, not only once but 4 times. So, since the chickee was short-lived, Corey had found a little private island with some trees that he rehung the hammock in. We had a cute little picnic and I took a nice 2-hour nap while Corey went out and fished. I woke up and it was about 6:30 PM at this point and I was ready to go home. Corey said he wanted to fish a little longer so we got back on the boat and fished some more. While Corey was fishing I was sitting on the backbench of the boat being silly taking selfies and Corey comes over to me and said “Babe why don’t you go get a cute selfie at the top of the boat.”

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I was super confused and was like “Uhm okay??” So I go to the top of the boat and was being silly dancing/taking pictures and videos of myself and loan behold Corey came up to me with a little black box in his hand, confessed his love to me and got down on one knee during the prettiest sunset I had ever witnessed. He had gotten me so good! After all the smiles and tears, he took me to the back of the boat and showed me the navigation system where he plugged in the coordinates, so we can forever visit that special spot. I died a little bit inside. Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any more thoughtful/special, he pulls out a bottle of my favorite Prosecco that he hid at the bottom of the cooler. What I thought was going to be a normal boat day, turned out to be the best day of my life (thus far).

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