Arianna and Cameron

Arianna and Cameron's Engagement in Pacific City, OR

How We Met

I met Cam in 2011 when we both started our freshman year of high school. The houses that we grew up in were just a mile apart from each other in our small town. He had gone to a private school until high school, so our paths never crossed until then. We had mutual friends and began talking through social media, and eventually those conversations became an everyday thing. We are both naturally outgoing people, but for some reason neither of us could ever get the courage to talk to one another in person for more than 5 minutes, so we never really spent much time together in person and both tried pursuing other people throughout the years, but continued to keep in contact.

Fast forward to halfway through our Senior year, we finally got the guts to hangout together in person, although awkward at first it took about 2 weeks of us spending time together to become inseparable. From that point on, through prom and graduation, then onto moving to separate colleges, we spent every chance we could together.

Over the next 4 ½ years of dating we went on many hikes, trips, and adventures together, and even got our first fur-baby – Malibu.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Pacific City, OR

How They Asked

Every year we take a camping trip with some of my closest friends to celebrate my birthday, and this year was by far the best. The first night of the trip (the night before my birthday) we all had decided to go to the beach and watch the sunset. We all piled into cars, packed some drinks, snacks, and blankets and drove down from where we were staying and then started walking over the sand hills to beach. When we all got closer to the opening of the beach access trail, Cam grabbed my hand and said “let’s go this way”. At this point he sounded nervous, and all my friends started retreating behind us, so with my heart beating fast I began wondering if this could actually be it.

We got to the top of the opening and there was a heart dug out in the sand lined with beach wood, an arbor with flowers and a sign that had our saying on it. We had both previously taken our shoes off for the walk, so barefoot he grabbed my hand and pulled me under the arbor and got down on one knee and said something I could only awesome was beautiful- I think I may have actually blacked out- but then, I do know he said the words I had been waiting to hear “Will you marry me?” and of course, I said “YES!”

Little did I know, he had driven to the beach the previous day while I was at work and picked the spot and dug it out, and then had both of our parents hiding there to see the entire proposal! He normally sucks at surprising me with anything, I always figure it out, but this one I can honestly say was a surprise, I had no idea. But, it was the best surprise, and night of my life so far.