Ariane and Rafael

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At the beach

How We Met

We are from El Salvador and we met in Medschool. At the beginning, we were just friends, but we secretly like each other. 6 months later he asked me to be his girlfriend on the top of a mountain. And we’ve

been together since 2012

How They Asked

My parents told me that we won a weekend in a small hotel that is very special for my family because we have a lot of my childhood memories there. And Rafael also spend time in that hotel in the past, so we have the theory that we met when we were kids.

Ariane and Rafael's Engagement in At the beach

I thought that only my family would be there, we arrive at the time of the sunset and my brother invited me to walk on the beach. A Rafael’s friend randomly appeared there and shows me a video with a lot of our pictures with a song that say “I promise you my eternal love” then Rafael appeared behind me with a ring on his hands I said YES and all his family shows up.