Ariana and Sky

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How We Met

Sky and I met at a waterfront tiki bar in our hometown, Jupiter, Florida. We were both there with our own friends that happened to know each other. When my friend went up to chat with Sky’s friends, we were left to talk amongst ourselves.. and that was it. We hit it off right away, and I knew there was something special about him.

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How They Asked

Sky and I are native Floridians, so we have never seen snow! So this December I put my foot down and said, “This winter we’re making a trip out west to go see a white winter. “ So that’s what we did. We planned a trip for Park City, Utah. I did my research and Utah is known for some great snow. So I figured we would try out a little skiing/snowboarding, make a snowman, and just enjoy some beautiful Mountain Views. I didn’t think anything out of the ordinary would happen, I mean, I never thought Sky would fly a ring across the country and be able to hide it from me. Also, he knew I always wanted my best friend to take pics since she’s a photographer, so I wasn’t skeptical since it was just the two of us going on this trip.

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Or so I thought… So Friday, Dec 14, 2018, I woke up trying to figure out, “what are we going to do today?” But Sky had other things in mind. He was trying to convince me not to rush out of our hotel room, that we should enjoy our balcony hot tub in the 24-degree weather and just have a leisurely day taking in all the views. Eventually, I decided it was time for lunch, so we got on all of our layers and winter attire (Florida natives aren’t used to this much prep to walk out of the door) and headed out on foot. Next to our hotel was this cute building for the Swaner Preserve. Sky suggested we check it out on our way to lunch. I figured he wanted to try to see some deer or elk out in the preserve that we noticed earlier from our balcony, so I agreed.

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So we walked over to this lookout Area and it was located in the middle of an untouched snowy field, with the beautiful mountains in the distance. We were throwing snowballs, taking pictures, just living in this picturesque moment. Then he grabbed my hands, and I remembered being so confused and caught off guard. Then I started figuring out what was happening. He spoke some beautiful words, I feel like I blacked out from shock. He got down on a knee, took out the most beautiful ring and proposed. It was such a perfect moment. You never know how it’s going to happen, where it’s going to happen, or when… but I tell you that I can’t imagine it being anything close to perfection than what I actually experienced.

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We stood there embracing, smiling, wiping tears.. when all of a sudden I hear someone cry out, “oh my god!” I assumed it was some random lady that happened to witness it, yelling out to congratulate us. Then I locate where the scream came from, and I see a purple jacket emerging from snow, from behind the trees. It was my best friend Caroline, and she brought her camera and captured the whole thing! I couldn’t get over how Sky and she planned this thoughtful scheme for months, AND he had her fly across the country from Florida to Utah to document this moment.

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It was the most surreal moment of my life, full of raw emotion and pure shock factor of surprise. We took Caroline inside to defrost her toes (she was in 2 ft of snow for 25 min) and then went back out to snap some more breathtaking photos that I will cherish forever. The engagement shoot was followed by a celebratory dinner. Afterward, the three of us popped champagne and jumped back into the hot tub during that chilly December night to end the most amazing day ever!

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Caroline Allen Photograhy
 | Photographer