Ariana and Kyle

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How We Met

It was the very first day of Junior year of high school as I walked into my first-period history class late, leaving no seats open except for the very back of the classroom in front of what I thought was a very cute boy. As the first couple of days went by, I found us talking about homework and school a lot mainly because we were too shy to talk about anything else.

Until one day, I received a random text from a number I didn’t recognize asking me if I remembered the homework that was written on the board, it didn’t take me long to figure out who that text was from. I then found myself wondering if he really wanted to know the homework or if it was just a way to continue talking to me. We soon became great friends and formed an amazing bond but being as we were both the shyest people in the world we didn’t manage to become boyfriend and girlfriend until midway through our senior year.

Being as how each of us got accepted into college in different states, we soon came across the much-needed discussion of whether we would go our own separate ways or continue our relationship as a long-distance relationship. We both without a doubt knew we wanted to stay together and there was no way we’d be letting each other go. I then went off to college out of state in Arizona and he attended college in our home state of California. We managed a 3-year long distance relationship, which I found to be the biggest blessing in disguise. It tested and reinforced our love each and every day. I later returned to our home state and a total of 6 years later, here we are.

As I like to say, we met in history class and the rest is history. ♥

how they asked

After being on a trip to Australia for three weeks full of bucket list adventures planned by Kyle, such as snorkeling, feeding kangaroos, holding a koala, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, skydiving and cage diving with great white sharks.

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It was the last morning of our trip, hours before having to catch our flight back home. It was then when I was woken up by Kyle in my bedroom giving me a kiss on my forehead, telling me to get dressed because we had one last bucket list adventure to fulfill before going back home. He then told me I would have to be blindfolded before leaving the hotel. He drove me up what I felt was a curvy hill with the song “I’ll name the dogs” by Blake Sheldon on repeat. Once we arrived, he then walked me to the middle of the lookout point and told me I could take my blindfold off and as I did, I witnessed the most beautiful sunrise I had ever seen as well as the MAN OF MY DREAMS down on one knee with the most beautiful ring asking me to marry him. With no one in sight but a kangaroo as a witness.

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As a little girl, I dreamt of this moment a million times of how it would be and what it would feel like to be proposed to by the man of my dreams, but I don’t think any fairytale proposal could ever compare to the real thing. I don’t think anyone can ever explain how magical the real moment is until you truly experience it for yourself. The automatic bond you and your loved one share is all that matters in that moment and it genuinely is the most beautiful feeling I have ever felt till this day.

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