Ariana and Jeffrey | Denver Aquarium Proposal

How We Met: When I was a Junior in College I took a sociology class. The class focused on how technology has changed the dating game over the past years. One of our assignments was to get a dating profile and start to chat with people. I was really committed to getting and A in the class so I jumped right in. After one failed date I was thinking about how stupid this assignment was. That night I had a new message, it was Jeff. We sent some emails and then switched to text. A few weeks later I found myself heading towards Starbucks to meet up. After a 9 hour long date I was full of butterflies and knew something special had just started. We have both been inseparable since that day.

how they asked: Jeff and I had gone to the Denver Aquarium before on a couple dates and everyone knows its my favorite place in the whole world. We hadn’t been in a while so it was no surprise to me that Jeff suggested we go on a Saturday. We arrived and walked all throughout the aquarium. Once we reached the end I knew we had dinner reservations downstairs at 7. We got our table and ordered right as the mermaid show was starting. All the little kids had their faces pressed against the glass and were in awe as the mermaids swam back and forth waving and smiling. The music stopped and the show came to and end. But instead of getting out of the water the mermaids hovered for a while. When I looked up one was carrying a sign and was swimming right to the table. As I read it I realized it said, “Ariana this is the day you’ve been waiting for”.

Image 1 of Ariana and Jeffrey | Denver Aquarium ProposalRight then it all clicked and I started to cry I turned to Jeff to see he was on one knee with a small box in hand. He told me how much he loved me and that he couldn’t spend his life with anyone else and then asked if I would marry him. I off course said yes and the whole restaurant clapped. I was so excited to get home and tell everyone. We left and drove home and the second I opened the door I was surprised by both of our families. It was so unique and perfect and I night Ill never forget.

Image 2 of Ariana and Jeffrey | Denver Aquarium Proposal