Ariana and Jeff

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How We Met

Well, it all started with introductions on the first day of our Organic Chemistry class at the University of Utah. However, it wasn’t the typical situation you would think of. I was the professor’s teaching assistant and Jeff was my incredibly attractive new student for the semester that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him (how professional, right?). I held my tutoring/test review sessions and offered help to all of my students like any good TA would, but man those dimples and smile just kept haunting me and that’s when I knew this class needed to just be done with. Before you know it we became really great friends and I am sure you know how the rest of the story goes.

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how they asked

When we first decided to date Jeff decided to play around and show me some of his magic tricks (thinking that I would be like most girls and think he was immature and blow it off) and I completely was in awe and admired his unique talent. I LOVE the art of magic and am such a sucker for it! What makes our love special is that we both share such an excitement over it, any magic show (ranging from the free ones at the County Fairs to Criss Angel or Penn and Teller on the Las Vegas Strip and we are there)!

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After a long day full of adventures in paradise, he put on the cutest private magic show for me in our cozy hotel room.. he had an entire set prepared for my entertainment and at the very end he had me draw my dream ring and put it into his empty magic coin purse.. sure enough, the most beautiful ring I have ever laid eyes on appeared after his wave of magic!!! From once my student to a handsome magician fiancé… that is quite the magic trick!

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