Ariana and Christopher

Image 1 of Ariana and Christopher

How We Met

Chris and I met at In N Out Burger in 2012. I had just made the move to Sacramento from Fresno to start school at a Sacramento State. I had been working for In N Out (The Burger as we do affectionately call it) for 4 years and was pretty high up in the company. I transferred to a brand new store in Sacramento. It was the perfect fit. Christopher was a new hire and one of the “cool kids” at the store. We rarely spoke and didn’t really get to know one another until none of our mutual friends had a party. We hit it off outside of work and over time became the best of friends. He was my confidant and someone I could trust, and I was his. Our friendship grew stronger by the day and eventually, I found out that Christopher had actually had a crush on me. I didn’t want to ruin our friendship and was VERY apprehensive about turning the page and taking the next step, but I loved him so much as a person that I decided to take a leap of faith. Several dates later, on Valentine’s Day 2014, Christopher asked me to make it official. The rest is history, and to think it all started with a goofy all-white uniform, red apron, and over-sized safety pin!

how they asked

Chris’ sister, Alex, was planning to return to their hometown with her new boyfriend so he could meet the family. We often wine taste in Napa Valley with his parents, so it was decided that we would do just that when Alex came to town. Chris told me that we’d start the tasting at my FAVORITE winery, so naturally, I was SUPER excited for that alone. We arrived slightly prior to tasting time, so Alex and I scoped out back patio for the prime photo spot (gotta #DoItForTheGram). We found the best lighting right against the castle of the vineyard in a beautiful grassy area. When Christopher and Alex’s boyfriend, Drew, met us out on the patio, we strolled over to take some pictures. I first took a few snaps of Alex and Drew, then we switched. Chris and I took one picture, then he turns to me and says “Lets take a candid!!” I gave him the most ridiculous side-eye and reminded him that a candid picture isn’t REALLY candid if you ask for it. In the middle of my sassy-ness, Chris gently grabbed my hands and said “There’s actually another reason we’re here today.”

Image 2 of Ariana and Christopher

I immediately caught onto what was happening and I think I almost fainted. He asked me to be his forever, and after what seemed like a LIFETIME of ugly cries, OMG’s and hugs, I SAID YES! I turned and looked at the back patio only to see not only his, but also MY entire family smiling, crying, and clapping upon us. We popped plenty bottles of bubbly and celebrated all day. IT. WAS. PERFECT!

Image 3 of Ariana and Christopher