Arial and Nicholas

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How We Met

Nick & I have known each other since 5th grade. I had the biggest crush on him that at my 10th birthday party, I asked my mom if he and his buddy Andrew can attend my party. At any elementary school party, we played games, danced to music, and ate cupcakes. One of the most memorable moments that day was I remember playing “Spin the bottle”. After I spun, the bottle had landed right on Nick. At that point I didn’t know what to do that I couldn’t stop smiling, my heart was racing. After 5th grade, We moved away for a couple of years and I attended a different middle school. I kept a Diary I always wrote in and he was one of the many things I wrote in my journal.

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Before my freshman year of high school, my mom moved us back to the same town Nick and I met. Freshman orientation is when I saw Nick and all the other kids I went to elementary school with. I thought to myself, Nick was still so dreamy and definitely someone I had a crush on still to that day…Throughout our entire high school career, we both had our own different groups of friends and sports/activities we concentrated on.

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Fast Forward to 2016, 23 years old, we both reconnected on social media. Nick was coming home from the University of Iowa for good and I was at home working full time. We chatted briefly and Nick mentioned that we haven’t seen each other since senior year of high school. We met up for a dinner date on May 19th, 2016. We laughed, we flirted, caught up, and picked up exactly where we left off. Little did we know, It was a beginning to one of the many most amazing nights we were going to share together forever.

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How They Asked

Nick took me to Silverthorne, CO to celebrate our 3 Year anniversary early. We flew on Oct 3rd, Saturday morning at Denver International airport to stay until Tuesday, Oct 6th. He told me that our trip was his plan to make our 3 year anniversary special so I went along with it. The Morning we flew in, we met with his best friend Zach since 3rd grade, Andrew (the buddy who attended my birthday party with nick), Jared, and his long time buddy Mike from college. We enjoyed the day, went out for lunch, and headed to Airbnb.

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That night, we enjoyed each other’s company, grilled, and got ready to enjoy the hot tub. As I was getting ready to head down to the hot tub, the front door swung open to see my little sister and best friend at the door with her boyfriend Jimmy to surprise me! I was in shock. I couldn’t believe at that moment that this was all REAL. I stood there as I started tearing up and immediately hugged my sister. I was thrilled to have her there as well as her boyfriend Jimmy.

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The next morning we had brunch at the Arapahoe Cafe & Pub @ Lake Dillon overlooking the lake. Nick planned a hike with the group overlooking the lake and to see amazing views of the mountain and what Colorado had to offer. We hiked Meadow Loop and Ridge Trail to find the most beautiful view overlooking Lake Dillon with sailboats sailing through and to see the most amazing mountain peaks ahead. As we arrived at the top of the cliff, Nick asked me where I wanted to take a picture with the view.

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I turned around to take the picture and found him kneeling down on one knee. I remember the first words he said were “You know you’re my best friend right?”…My eyes immediately teared up and I started crying seeing my best friend, love, soul mate, my kindred spirit, one true love, better half down on one knee asking me to be his WIFE. I can’t wait to grow old with you, Nick. I love you forever and always.

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