Argie and Nicholas

Argie and Nicholas's Engagement in Dubai Miracle Gardens

How We Met

Argie and I grew up in the same tight knit Greek – American community. We were always friends from a young age. We decided to begin dating after my little sister’s sweet 16 where we spent most of the time outside talking about our lives, future dreams and goals. Because we were both staying home for college we figured we would give it a chance. After that June of 2012 evening, the rest was history. We had our first date the following day and now 7.5 years later Argie has finished pharmacy school, I have grown in my career in finance, and we are Engaged!

How They Asked

Argie and I have always dreamed of coming to Dubai. We have heard the most magical stories of this place from friends and colleagues. So I decided to make it look like we will be following my father here on one of his business trips and he would be here for half the stay before leaving to go back to New York before us (his meeting “got cancelled” 2 days before the trip ). I chose the miracle gardens location because of their unique arrangements and beauty. I got refered to flytographer from a business associate and they helped plan all the logistics. On Christmas I surprised her with the gift of the photoshoot for our trip along with a few other activities, because we never had the opportunity to have one in Italy last year when we visited due to poor planning on my part and I knew she’d really wanted it. So I planned the photo shoot for 01/25, which is her birthday and told her it was the only day the photographer was available. She was beyond excited and went out to buy a gorgeous dress. On the morning of her birthday, we set off on the photo shoot early in the morning due to the sun here in Dubai. The photographer had us take a few test photos and had her look away as I got down on one knee, then told her to turn around, that’s when I asked her to marry me. She was beyond in shock & awe and it was a big YES! Now we are on to planning our wedding and our future as Mr. & Mrs. Koutelos.


Argie's Proposal in Dubai Miracle Gardens

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