Aressa and Pat

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Kingsbrae Garden, Saint Andrew's, NB

How We Met

Pat and I met nearly 3 years ago. He had seen my online dating profile and took a chance on matching with me and, eventually, messaging me. We hit it off right away. The only snag was that, at the time, Pat was away working for the next month or so. FINALLY, what felt like years later (realistically only three or so weeks later), he was home and we were finally able to meet. Pat drove down to Moncton from Fredericton almost immediately after he landed at home to meet me.

With him when he showed up at my house was the most thoughtful little gift bag with a few cute Starbucks ornaments and travel mug and a large latte (special order, I’m very specific on my coffee) from Starbucks. Throughout our many phone calls while he was away I would go on and on and on about my love for all things Starbucks and Christmas (it was November when we started chatting so this isn’t as strange as it seems). Little did I know that he was taking notes on my “usual” drink – which was no small list. He hit that first moment out of the park and from that moment on I was hooked!

Later that evening Pat braved a work social event with me – such a brave man! We watched the Santa Claus Parade here in Moncton with my co-workers. We spent the rest of the weekend together and the rest is history!

How They Asked

Pat and I have had many conversations about marriage and our future together.

We planned a weekend away together in our favorite vacation spot – Saint Andrew’s NB. We visit every year. My favorite spot to see while there is Kingsbrae Garden.

Finally, after waiting months for our mini-vacation, July 12 came and we packed the car and headed out. The entire drive there seems normal – Pat didn’t seem nervous or anxious at all. While I had hoped an engagement might happen while there this year, I had no idea what he had planned.

Saturday morning we awoke to a rainy day. We started our morning off with lattes at the Honey Beans cafe – the cutest spot. From there we visited all the adorable little shops on Water Street. Everything seemed so normal – just like every other year.

Finally, it was time to head to the garden. When we arrived I noticed a strange man alone with a camera walking through the garden, but of course, thought nothing of it. Our walk through the garden started off normal, we chatted about the flowers, we laughed…

Aressa's Proposal in Kingsbrae Garden, Saint Andrew's, NB

We came up to a secluded path and I heard from behind me “Dear”.. I turned around to find Pat down on one knee holding the most beautiful ring. I was in shock.

My person asked me to share the rest of our lives together.

He had a friend, someone I had never met, take photos of the moment so we would have them forever. Everything about the proposal and the day itself was so special. Having the person you love, more than anything in the world, choose you for forever is such a special thing.

Special Thanks

Colter Wiggins
 | Photographer
Kingsbrae Garden
 | Venue for proposal