Ardy and Han

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How We Met

I always hated roller coasters. It’s just not my thing. So when I went with all of my friends to a theme park for the weekend I never thought that I would be where I would meet my future wife. Standing at the roller coaster exit, alone, waiting for my friends to get off the death trap. I saw a beautiful girl. It’s not something I normally do but I struck up a conversation with her. She was doing the same thing, waiting for her friends to get off the ride since she wasn’t a fan of roller coasters either. As our conversation went on we heard a terrible noise. The roller coaster our friends were on had stopped toward the top of the ride. As we nervously waited ten minutes for it to start again a worker walked past us and let us know it would be awhile before the roller coaster would get unstuck. Since we were both alone and separated from our groups I offered to buy her a soda while we waited. As we went on our first unofficial date of waiting for our friends to be freed by the roller coaster we learned that we lived only 20 minutes away from each other, our parents had both immigrated to America, and we shared a love of cute dogs and Disney. Once our friends finally disembarked from their roller coaster we went our separate ways. Of course, I gave her my number and told her to text me if she was interested in a “second” date. I waited two months before I heard back from her! I finally had the opportunity to take her on a proper date. The rest is history.


How They Asked

I knew I wanted to marry Hansol pretty early into our relationship. When it finally came time to purchase the ring and come up with a proposal plan I knew I needed help. I found The Local Proposal which helps guys like me create their perfect proposal. I told my proposal planners that I wanted the proposal to be outside, in a private romantic setting, with a photographer and a lot of flowers.

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The Local Proposal team helped us secure the reflecting pool at Morven Park which had large hedges surrounding the area which made it hard for people to accidentally walk into our proposal or have it be too public. We had a hidden photographer on-site to capture the big moment. Creating a flower path with lanterns leading the way to a light-up “Will You Marry Me Sign” I got down one knee and proposed to my best friend.

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Special Thanks

The Local Proposal
 | Planning
Mini Rose Farm
 | Florist
Morven Park
 | Venue