Arden and Isaac

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How We Met

Isaac and I had never officially met before but I had known his brother for years and we had a lot of mutual friends. One day Isaac had added me as a friend on Facebook and after getting to know each other a little bit we then exchanged phone numbers. The rest is history after that. Now 4 years and a ring later, I still can’t believe it to this day but yes it’s true! Thanks Facebook!

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how they asked

I flew from Las Vegas to Long Beach to visit Isaac for our 4 year anniversary. We’ve been long distance for four years and we are proof that long distance works if it’s the right person. Isaac convinces me that we’re doing a photo-shoot for our anniversary at Descano Gardens. While we’re getting ready for the photo-shoot his family is also getting ready and rushing to leave (I’m thinking they’re going to church). So I’m ready before Isaac (for once) and after some rushing we finally leave. We arrive at Descano Gardens and meet the photographer inside. We start with the photo-shoot as normal. Now before all of this, I will admit I did have some suspicions but then I stopped thinking about it because I started to believe we wouldn’t be engaged anytime soon. My mind is also focused on the photo-shoot. Halfway through the photo-shoot we reach this beautiful walkway. We start taking pictures there and the photographer tells us both to close our eyes and face away from each other. I’m kinda thinking “umm…okay?” But I close my eyes anyway. He starts taking pictures of us with our eyes closed and while taking the pictures he gives Isaac the box with the ring in it. Isaac then gets on one knee and he tells us “Ok open your eyes and face each other”. So I turn around to face Isaac but I don’t see him until i look down and find him on one knee. I’m so shocked that the only thing I say is “WHAAAT??”

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As he laughs and smiles at me, I’m getting so teary-eyed that my vision is blurry and it all starts to feel so surreal as if I’m in a dream. He says, “I know I didn’t get to really ask you to be my girlfriend so I wanted to ask if you would like to be my wife”. I start crying and while laughing he asks, “So is that a yes?” And I said YES. The ring is on my finger and I just hug him. I’m so in shock that i even ask him “Is this real?” He hugs me then turns me around and says “Look who’s here”. I turn and see both of our families at the end of the path who had been hiding in the garden the entire time. Everyone is hugging us and I’m crying like a baby so overwhelmed with many emotions but I am so happy! We then continue with the photo-shoot and that is #HowTheyAsked! :)

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Special Thanks

Jay Lemus
 | Photographer