Ardeen and Benjamin

Ardeen's Proposal in Savannah, GA

How We Met

I was out at a bar in Savannah with one of my friends, a night out I was planning to boycott in an effort to stay home and watch movies in my pj’s but decided to be social and go out anyway. With cocktail in hand ‘Drew Barrymore’ by Bryce Vine started blasting through the speakers and my friend was telling me it was time to go somewhere else and that was when I locked eyes with Benjamin. It felt like that moment in the movies, the one where it doesn’t seem real, it was as if my whole world stopped in the middle of that bar it was silent and all I could see was him. My liquid courage kicked in and in a moment of pure courage I grabbed him and told him he was handsome, I then left in true cinderella style with my friend pulling me one way and his friend pulling him the other, I looked at my friend and jokingly said “why are we still leaving I’m pretty sure that was my future husband”.

Maybe 15 or 20 minutes later we were held up by another guy shooting his shot and me trying to steer my friend away from him and into the bar we said we were going to, I turned around and there he was my “future husband” walking towards me, all courage had left my body when I remembered exactly what I said I turned grabbed my friend and said we gotta go…Now! Instead she turned around to Benjamin and friend who was now in full earshot and said “isn’t that your guy, hey you” and ushered him over. Benjamin and his friend pretended we all knew each other to get us away from they guy who was now looking at the group of us confused and a little sad. We haven’t stopped talking since that night and I guess the saying is true when you know, you know.

How They Asked

Saturday morning came – we had known since 2-3 weeks before if Benjamin had to work that day he’d be at work and then once getting off he’d be helping a friend move because they needed to use his truck so, I had agreed to help my best friend Jordan shoot some new items for her boutique. Once at Jordan’s she had me try on some pieces to make sure that they fit before making our way downtown. Once there I changed into the first outfit and we began shooting, we weren’t strangers to doing photoshoots we’d done them all through college together and for the boutique a few times before, this was normal for us. We shot the same outfit in THREE different locations and I was patient but slowly started to question my ability as a model because typically we’d have ‘the shot’ by now, but she was also on her phone a lot. I figured she was texting her fiancé because they’d been talking the entire time. Finally she said we got the shot, we changed and started making our way to Forsyth park, Jordan told me she hadn’t shot here before and we both thought it was a great idea because we were shooting spring clothes so it’d be cute for my blog and her website. We got to the park and Jordan took my jacket and had me turn around for test shots so se could test the lighting and position me how she needed. No big deal right? After a few shots she told me stay just as I was so she could get a few shots of the back of the dress.

Where to Propose in Savannah, GA

I should’ve known something was coming the park was packed and super busy when we got there then once she moved it was really quiet, even the man who was playing his trumpet for tips had stopped and was staring at me, everyone had moved. She then told me to turn around and there was Benjamin…down on one knee ring box in hand I gasped as quickly as I turned and then turned back around so my back was facing him again. I couldn’t believe it! he kept saying my name over and over again I turned back around and I’m pretty sure before he said anything I said ‘why aren’t you at work, how did you get here?!’ He laughed at me, ignored my questions and asked me to be his wife, I through teary eyes and everyone’s phone in my face said yes and jumped into his arms for a hug. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful moment with the man of my dreams, all the feelings from the first night when I saw him for the first time came back, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Special Thanks

Jordan Dabney
 | Photographer & Outfit