Archie and Fatima

Marriage Proposal Ideas in NEW YORK (TOP OF THE ROCK)

How We Met

Archie and I met at the University of Texas in Brownsville on our second semester of college in a Math class (Spring of 2013). He had just got here from England to play soccer for the university. I remember him always sitting next to me in class but we didn’t talk much until one day that he asked me “Can i borrow a pencil?” with the strongest British accent that he had to repeat himself 3 times before i handed him a pencil. He was expecting me to ask for the pencil back but i never did haha, so the next day he added me on Facebook and we started talking. After a couple of days he invited me for a Starbucks and i immediately said yes, as i had the biggest crush on him. We were talking for 6 months before we officially started dating as we were very different (I’m Mexican American) and we were starting to know each other, but on those 6 months we became the best friends we are now.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in NEW YORK (TOP OF THE ROCK)

how they asked

My little sister had wanted to go to New York for the longest time, so she asked me if i wanted to go with her and that she would pay for my flight, so we got the tickets (me and my sister) and as I knew my boyfriend wanted to go to New York as well i asked him if he would like to come so then he also got his ticket. Little did i know that he wanted to propose this December and he thought that New York was the perfect time to do it. I never thought he was going to propose on this trip as we planned it 3 weeks before going and everything was so fast. On Monday the 18th of this month (December) we had planned to go to the observation deck “Top of the Rock” where you get the most incredible view of The Empire State Building and Central Park. When we were at the very top of the Rockefeller Center, he asked my sister if she could take a picture of us looking at each other and when my sister was taking a “picture” he got on his knee, told me how much he loved me, how grateful he was to have me in his life and asked me if i wanted to marry him, of course i said YES!

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