Araceli and Simon's Snowy Proposal

How We Met: My fiancé and I have always known each other, our families are close and we saw each other quite often growing up, but we actually never talked to each other. It wasn’t until one summer night in 2010 that he asked me out to dance at a family party. From that day on I knew he was someone special. We began dating in September of 2010, fast forward to March 2015 where we were on a family trip to Lake Tahoe that I received the biggest surprise.

how they asked: On the second day of our trip we all decided to go to sledding and go play in the snow. I decided to go up the hill with one of my cousins and when I turned around my fiancé was walking towards me while my entire family stood behind him watching us. I immediately knew what was happening and began to cry. He began telling me how much he loved me and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I don’t remember his exact words, I just kept saying “is this really happening?.” He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

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Image 2 of Araceli and Simon's Snowy Proposal

I was completely surprised and did not expect him to propose on the beautiful mountains of Lake Tahoe in front of my entire family. I always thought that when the day came it would only be the two of us, but having my loved ones there to share this wonderful moment in our lives was very special. He even had a photographer there capturing the entire thing. To this day I am still so surprised that he was able to pull it off because I am the type of person to ruin and figure out surprises. I cannot wait to marry my best friend next Spring!

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Photography by Gina Rodriguez