April and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I met a few years ago at work, I was very fond of him and always admired him. We both were involved with other people but we were very close friends and we talked about anything and everything. He became interested in me as his relationship ended abruptly and I was the first call he made. We remained close friends for months until my relationship had ended as well and we began dating. Only a couple weeks after we began dating, Tyler left for Marine Corps boot camp! This was a very difficult 3 months as I couldn’t see or speak to him, we could only communicate through letters.

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I waited by my mailbox every day to hear from him. I drove to South Carolina with his family to see him graduate, I had never been so proud! After boot camp, he went through the rest of his Marine Corps training for about 8 more months, I only saw him for a couple days at a time but at least then he could use the phone! He came home for good (he is a reservist) and we have built our relationship even stronger. We have had our ups and downs and we always come out on top, we also spend nearly all of our time together and I can’t imagine my life without him.

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how they asked

We went to NYC to visit Tyler’s sister and he wanted to see Central Park for the first time. We walked there and he pointed out a specific spot, Turtle Pond, where he wanted to take some pictures because his sister has a really nice camera. He always likes to take pictures so I didn’t have a clue that anything strange was going on.

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As we stood in front of the water to have our picture taken, he pulled a box out of his back pocket and got down on one knee. I looked over in disbelief!

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He looked so happy and he was actually so nervous that he held the box open in the wrong direction at first, which I found adorable! I responded, “What?! YEA!” and jumped to hug him immediately after the ring was on my finger. I am so thankful that his sister was there to capture this beautiful moment!

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Unbeknownst to me, he had planned this with her ahead of time as well as he had asked my parents for permission a couple months ago. I have never been so happy, I truly feel like a princess! I immediately called my mom, his mom, and two close friends to share the news while shaking and in tears. I am living my dream come true ❤

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