April and Spencer

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How We Met

Gosh! I remember that as a little girl I was absolutely obsessed with princess fairy-tales and I couldn’t wait for the day my prince charming swooped me away on a horse! But then, you grow up and think that all that fairy-tale talk is only in the story books. Well it’s not! I’m here to tell you that it’s real! MY story begins in the most random and, shall I say, unromantic way (but it gets oh so romantic!). Spencer saw a picture of me on Instagram (yes, Instagram) and for 5 months he asked to meet me for a date, and 5 months all I ever said was “no”. One day, I finally agreed and my gosh, I wish I had done so sooner! We literally became inseparable since that day! He is my absolute best friend, my goofy partner in crime, my angel, my lover, and now, my fiance! God truly blessed me with my love, Spencer.

how they asked

In the two years that Spencer and I dated, we created SO many beautiful special memories! But this one, THIS ONE is the most special to date! He knew how badly I wanted to visit Europe and visit the landmarks and museums. So, for Valentines Day we decided to celebrate love in the City of Love! Paris! We began our adventure in London then on to Paris where we rode bikes all throughout the city being goofy taking videos and pictures, gosh, just falling more in love with every smile and laugh! On our last day in Paris, he said we should go out and take a few more pictures to add to my memory box (yes I have memory boxes where I keep my treasures!) I was going to wear a pair of jeans but he suggested I wear something else, I thought it was kind of adorable that he was making outfit suggestions (being that he is a manly man) so I just went along with whatever he pulled out for me.

Finally the taxi dropped us off at a spot I hadn’t seen before on our trip, and my gosh it had amazing views of the Eiffel Tower! I couldn’t wait to get some great shots of the tower and just as I turned around to reach into my purse for my phone, he began to get on one knee! AH! AHHH!!! His eyes were full of tears and he had the biggest smile in the world! My heart was pounding and then, everything became still, it was just him and I in that moment! All that broke that stillness was when he asked, “will you marry me?” YES! I said YES FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE YES!!!

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He had everything planned out with a photographer who captured this truly amazing moment! The photographer, Adrien, was acting as a tourist so I never suspected he was capturing all of this! He was so happy for us!!!

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