April and Russell

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How We Met

We like to tell people we just met at school, but we really met at Papa John’s. I was coming home from school for the summer so I got a job there, working as a delivery driver. Luckily, Russ also worked there. We didn’t work with each other a whole lot because he only worked the weekends. When we did work together, we still didn’t talk much, but I always thought he was sooo hot! I had worked there for a couple weeks and decided it wasn’t for me so I put in my two weeks. It wasn’t until my second to last day that Russ found out I was leaving… so then he decided to talk to me.

He found out that I played volleyball and invited me to come play with him and his friends the very next day. We exchanged numbers, texted a little that night, and then he picked me up the next morning for volleyball (He’s super good at volleyball, so that makes him even hotter!!). After volleyball, he took me to get a smoothie and then took me home, because we both had to get ready for work. This was my very last shift so I didn’t know if we would every hang out again, but we did! We talked every day after that, he took me out on dates, and we played volleyball every week. Two years later and we still do all those things!

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how they asked

Russ came and picked me up to go play volleyball, but before he opened the car door, he asked if I was committed to spend the whole day with him. Of course I agreed, so he gave me a locked case that had a clue on it. He said we were going to play volleyball, tennis, and then go shooting and at each activity I would get another clue to help unlock the case. At volleyball he had brought an extra volleyball that I had to open to find the second clue. I now had the first number to the lock. Then we went to play tennis. He gave me two cans of balls, one was Penn and the other was Wilson. The second clue had said something about writing in Penn, so I opened that container. I didn’t see anything but Russ didn’t say anything so we just played tennis. It wasn’t until after when I was putting the balls away that I saw the third clue taped to the side of the can. I now had the second number to the lock.

It was time to go shooting, but we wanted to take a bigger car, so Russ ran home to switch cars. I had left the locked case in the car and thought Russ would grab it, but that didn’t happen. We didn’t realize this until we got up to where we were going shooting. He asked me if I brought my gun. I was confused because I didn’t have a gun, we normally just use his. Then it clicked…in the locked case was a gun, not a ring like I had originally thought. He said it was ok and that we would just have to come again soon. The third clue talked about being on time at 4:10 and not 12. Russ has a 410 shotgun and a 12 gauge shotgun so I figured the last number would be with the 410 gun. I opened the 410 case, and there was the last clue. It was a list of different countries with a number next to each one. I was really confused but we just shot for awhile anyway. When we left, Russ said we were going to dinner. He dropped me off back at home so we could shower and get ready for dinner and then he came back in the car, so now I had the case. He never told me where we were going to dinner but I figured it would be a restaurant, but then we drove past the freeway entrance so I had no idea what was going on. We drove up to a park and there was a pavilion lit up by candles. There were roses on the table and yummy food from Gabor Brothers. We talked and ate the food and then got the case out. The food was Italian so I picked the number by Italy. I was excited that I had the combination, it was 727, or so I thought. I said the combination to Russ and he was like, umm no that’s not it. So he just opened it for me.

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Sure enough there was a Tiffany Blue Ruger .22 pistol in the case. I was super excited because I had been telling Russ I wanted that gun forever and he always said he would never get it for me. After we got it out and looked at it, he said that he had something else for me but that I had to stand up. He lifted up the foam that the gun was on and pulled out a ring box.

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He said how much he loved me and all the fun things we do together. Then he got down on one knee, said my full name, and asked me to marry him. I said yes!

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