April and Landon

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How We Met

Landon and I met my first year into college. I moved to a new town and switched churches, I was nervous about meeting new people. While I was in the new church I was silently scoping out the crowd for people my age. I was secretly disappointed because there weren’t many people who caught my eye. Although I didn’t go to church to pick up a man I knew it was a good place to meet a decent person. What I didn’t know is that my future husband was running late the morning; which I later found out is a norm for him. Well about 5 minutes into the study, in walk a guy and he literally took my breath away.

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I had never seen such a handsome man, he had the bluest eyes and a smile that radiated. I was too never to talk to him and avoided him like the plague because he would make me so twitter pated. After avoiding but observing him for about a month I finally decided to get to know him. We had a study one night but I didn’t know how to get there and like a gentleman he offered to give me a ride. I accepted and we went to the study but I remember nothing about it because I just kept watching him. After the study he took me home but asked if he could take me to coffee first. We grabbed some coffee and he took me to a golf course that we snuck on and talk until 3 in the morning! After that night the rest was history and we were inseparable.

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how they asked

We had been dating for about three and a half years and the conversation had come up multiple time. It felt like he was dragging his feet from my point of view. He kept making remarks about how he didn’t know how to talk to my dad and that it was a lot of pressure. We had planned a family vacation coming up in January and Landon and I had talked about looking at rings on the cruise. I knew not to get my hopes up until after the cruise so I pushed the idea out of my head. Christmas was coming up and we wanted to do some Christmas shopping in the city. To me it was an average day. I threw on jeans, hair in a messy bun, and a plain tee. After a couple hours of marking gifts off our list we decided to call it quits. Landon suggested getting a steak since there was a nice restaurant close by. We went and had a wonderful dinner in which I was very under dressed for. Landon “last minute” suggested going to the botanical gardens in Denver, which is something we have been wanting to do for a while. It had just freshly snowed and I was not dressed for the occasion.

He offered me his jacket which was much to large for me but I was freezing so I took it. We walked the garden and got some hot cider and soaked in the winter wonderland. We walked through it once and when we got to the end he asked if I wanted to walk back through it again. I didn’t really want to because I was so cold but I thought to myself that he is being very romantic and that I should go along with it. So we went back through it again. Little did I know that he had been waiting for just the right spot to pop the question but it ended before he had the chance. We found a pretty spot and he asked a stranger walking by to take a photo of us. While he was waiting to the other side of me for the photo, he dropped down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

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I was speechless because I was so shocked. I had no idea it was coming. I clearly answered yes and then freaked out thinking he didn’t ask my dad. He informed me he asked him in thanksgiving and had purposely been making comments to make me think he hadn’t talked to my dad. On the way back we called everyone we needed to announce the news.

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