April and Jeremy

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How We Met

Jeremy and I met our freshman year of high school in study hall. He was the popular kid, and I was the super shy, quiet artsy girl. We stayed friends throughout, and then finally started dating our senior year for two and a half years. We took a break for a couple years. There was always something different about being with him because of the way he treated me, and I kept trying to find it in other guys I dated, but nothing even came close.

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I moved to Nashville to do my music and he went to college, but fate kept bringing us back together. A couple years later he flew me out to see him in NY for new years, and we’ve been dating ever since! (five years to be exact) We did long distance, and have honestly been through SO much together. Through it all he’s always supported my dream and has been so selfless in all he does. We now live in Nashville, TN and have a sweet Aussie mix we call our baby, named Pepper :)

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how they asked

It was his birthday. I asked him what he wanted to do and he said he just wanted to relax and take our dog pepper for a walk in her favorite park (right down the street from us). He told me to get ready because his mom wanted him to send her a picture of us on his birthday. Little did I know, he planned everything a couple months prior. My best friends were there, Rae who is a professional photographer was ready to take pictures, and her sister Marissa was there to hold our dog while the action happened. We walked around the corner and I was very confused as to why there was a bottle of unopened champagne sitting on the ground. I turned around and Jeremy was on one knee.

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It couldn’t have been more perfect or special. The fact that he proposed to me on what was supposed to be his special day says so much about who he is.

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He read a beautiful poem he wrote to me and then we went back to our house to get ready for an engagement party that he had set up with the help of my parents, and friends. The most perfect day.

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Special Thanks

Rae Marshall
 | Photographed