April and Danny

How We Met

Our families knew each other since we were little. My dad and his uncle were really good friends. We definitely crossed paths growing up but never hung out. Finally, when we were in high school, we were re-introduced through mutual friends. Being from a strict family, I had to be selective with who I hung out with since I didn’t have many opportunities to go out. I didn’t know what to expect with this down-to-earth and funny guy. Danny reached out to me and asked me to spend the day with him; I had no expectations and just went with it. The first time we hung out, he said he needed to get a haircut first.

April's Proposal in Sacramento, California

He took me to Paul Mitchell school to get a haircut from his friend. I sat there patiently chatting and joking with him for three hours as his student friend was cutting and coloring his hair. Surprisingly, I had the time of my life. I remember being happy we got to spend so much time talking without distractions. That also was the most patient I was ever in our whole ten years we have been together – sitting three hours waiting for him to finish his haircut. We started spending time together as friends, and the times we spent together were always filled with laughs, jokes, and lots of memories. We are high school sweethearts!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Sacramento, California

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Ten years later and three cities later (Sacramento, San Diego, and Los Angeles), he finally popped the question! I am definitely the planner in our relationship, so somehow I planned that we were to drive back to Sacramento to celebrate my birthday with my family on a Monday. Little did I know he had this grand proposal planned, on a Monday, with 40 family and friends at my parents’ house! It was two days before my 28th birthday on June 18, 2018. We were just in our best friends’ weddings as groomsman and bridesmaid. I decided it’d be a great idea to drive to Sacramento to celebrate my 28th birthday. Danny, as usual, went with the flow.

Where to Propose in Sacramento, California

He showed no anxiousness or nervousness as I described our plan. My parents explained that they wanted to take me out to dinner on that Monday, June 18, 2018, for my birthday. Interesting, because I usually plan my own birthdays and where I want to go for my birthday. But I did not overthink it. I went with the flow. I arrive at my parents’ house and in my room, I see two white dresses that my mother said she got me for my birthday dinner. I was a little suspicious, but almost doubtful at that point since it was too obvious.

April and Danny's Engagement in Sacramento, California

Then my sister says she has a massage planned for me in the morning for my birthday. She then proceeds to blindfold me and bring me to the mall to get my makeup done. At this point, I am more skeptical that this would be a birthday dinner because I rarely get my makeup done. After I get my makeup done, I completely realize what is going on. I am in the car, blindfolded, and on the way to the next surprise destination feeling all sorts of emotions – nervousness, surprise, overjoy, and overwhelmed with happiness. When we arrive, my sister suggests I keep my blindfold on and just follow her lead. At this point, I am imagining that I am walking towards a restaurant that we have been to in Sacramento that has a view.

As I brave my long walk, my heels click differently when I step on a different platform. Immediately, I knew I was in the backyard of my parents’ house on the dock. Danny takes off my blindfold and I cannot contain my happiness and shock. I look at him and I am so impressed. I turn around and am even more shocked to see 40 of our family and friends witnessing this very special moment. I cannot contain my tears and happiness. Danny proceeds to give a pre-written speech and ask me to marry him.

Being the planner that I am, I am so overjoyed he planned this perfect proposal without me knowing. Afterwards, we were able to celebrate with an engagement party thrown by my parents with our favorite type of food, sushi! It was such a magical night. Writing this gives me all the feels again!

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