April and Chris

How We Met

Chris and I met through a mutual friend that we have both had for years. While chatting it up with her back in Oct 2014, she asked how my Dating life was going. After explaining to her that it was nonexistent, she told me about a friend of hers that was single that would be PERFECT for me. At the time, I lived in NJ and he lived out in Long Island, NY. Although far enough away, I decided to have her send me pictures and information.

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She exchanged the information both ways, and the next day I took it upon myself to think outside the box and message him. I didn’t want to wait to hear from him, or have her set it up. After some communication back and forth we seemed to hit it off. A week later I had an extra ticket to the Jets game, that I was attending with my Brother and his Girlfriend. I asked Chris if he was interested in going with us; it just happened to work out that his friends were going and he accepted to offer to meet up with us and come! Our first dated was on 11/8/2014 at Metlife Stadium. The Jets were playing the Steelers. After a fun day of hitting it off, and the Jets winning, we decided the first date was a success and wanted to see more of each other! After months of the long distance, I moved back up to NY, he pretty much moved in with me and the following Sept 2015 we found out were were expecting! Our little boy Maverick Austin was born May 8, 2016. We decided we would enjoy being new parents before tying the knot, and with renovations on the house, and more sporting events in between – we were very busy enjoying being in love.

April and Chris's Engagement in Madison Square Garden

how they asked

Chris had gotten us hockey tickets, which I happened to ruin the surprise of by spotting in an email the week before. Much to my surprise, I was a little upset that he had spent so much on the tickets, and let him know. Little did I know what he had planned, and he had to bite his tongue for a week! The New York Islanders were playing the New York Rangers. Being a Ranger fan I was excited for this rival game. The last home game of the year, after work game, so with having a 10.5 month old Son, was just a great date night during the week. I had left work early and met him for drinks prior to the game.

He wanted to get to Madison Square Garden early to avoid the lines, so we got in, and went to our seats which were AMAZING. We were so early, that the arena was empty, the ice was fresh and we were able to take it all in before the game started. Chris went to get us drinks, came back to our seats while I was taking pictures of the scene. While we were sitting enjoying the pre-game cocktails, he mentioned he had bought me a Ranger Jersey. He handed me the Jersey with the front facing, and as excited as I was, I started to take the tags off. Ad I was doing so, he reached over and flipped the Jersey to the back. I instantly had no clue what was going on, but when he did it spelled the words: MARRY ME and the #17 for the year.

I was completely taken back and had no idea what was going on! I of course started to cry, partially upset at myself because I had been such a pain the week before about the tickets! There Chris was on his knee to my left, asking me to Marry him! After being filled with tears and realizing what was happening, I said YES!

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Here we were, at yet another sporting event, the first one being the BEST last first date of my life, and NOW saying YES to the person I will spend the rest of my life with, the Father of my amazing son! After some champagne, and celebration and the energy that filled the arena- we watched the game hoping for a win to match the evening. Unfortunately the Rangers lost, but it didn’t matter much! We continued the night celebrating together and with our son at Grandmas for a sleep over, we were able to enjoy a good night sleep that night!