April and Brandon

How We Met

We meet in 8th grade after I moved from Minnesota to Fremont, CA. Brandon was one of my first friends in California, but we were what you’d call, “secret friends” – we never hung out at school, but he’d walk me home everyday and we’d spend the night trolling each other on AIM (remember those days?!) and watching Usher’s “Burn” video on the after school special. At that time, I was young and naïve and had no idea he liked me. Brandon jokes that if you would have told 8th grade us we’d be engaged, 8th grade April wouldn’t laughed, and 8th grade Brandon would’ve said, I already know. Fast forward 6 years, different high schools, and a few relationships later, we’re in college and still friends. I went to college in Southern California and he stayed up north, so we barely saw each other. I’d also like to add that this was the first time in years that I was single and Brandon says he finally had the opportunity to swoop in (haha!) We started talking again daily and becoming best friends. We had so much fun together, we understood each other so well, and slowly but surely, we easily fell in love. Today, we’ve been friends for 13 years and together for about half of that. Most of our relationship has been long distance, but spending a lot of time alone, in exchange for a little time with him has always been worth it to me. This past year, he moved down to Southern California, and now we’re sticking by each other forever.

how they asked

Weeks leading up to the proposal, my friends told me they were hosting a company party celebrating the success they’ve had over the last few months. I’ve been to one of their company parties before – it was open bar, so I was really excited! My best friend even told me she got a new dress for the night, how the place was $$$$ on Yelp, and how I should dress up. She even forced me to get pink nails for the occasion (THANK YOU!) The day of, Brandon kept asking me what I was going to wear and telling me that we had to go at exactly 7:30pm or the food would run out. I kept thinking, who cares, you’re being weird. We Uber there and he gives our Uber driver directions as if he’s been there a million times. Also weird. We get to the US Bank Building in Downtown LA and he keeps walking me around and I’m like, where are all our friends? Shouldn’t we go to the restaurant? Where are we going? Can we stop to get food? We get to the 70th floor and we’re walking around exploring the building. Then we turn the corner, and outside on the terrace, I see the most beautiful display of rose petals and candles scattered all over the ground. He leads me outside, and I turn to my right and see his sister there, filming the whole thing. At that point, I was like, whoa, OK, this is for me. This is happening. We walk onto the terrace and I am just so happy and nervous and excited. Brandon walks me down the aisle, then drops down on one knee and tells me how I’m his best friend and asks me to marry him, and everything is just. perfect.

April and Brandon's Engagement in Downtown Los Angeles

MDW was like a dream. His family flew in and met mine for the first time and my heart was just filled with so much love. Our best friends flew in from Northern California to surprise us and we just spent the weekend celebrating our love with the people we love.

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