April and Beecher | He Faked a Music Video...

How We Met: My fiance, Beecher Reuning, and I met in graduate school in Virginia Beach. I am from Dallas and he is form Georgia, so we would have never met any other way.

We began dating shortly after discovering how much fun we had together. He was in graduate school getting his MFA in film directing and I was getting my MA in Journalism. We both had a history of making really fun, stupid videos for YouTube. So how he proposed, of course, was going to be caught on video.

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how they asked: We set out to make a fun music video on November 23, 2013. He told me we were just going to re-create fun moments from our relationship to show his family over thanksgiving, with one final scene to have a really awesome special effect with a standalone door. He said when I walked through the door, he would edit it to make it look like I was walking into another world.

He had one of our friends come out to help us shoot the final scene (our friend is also a professional wedding videographer- I did not pick upon the clues). After a few run-throughs, he said “we’re going for a print on this one” which I found out later meant “I’m proposing this time.”

So then I walked through the standalone door in a middle of a field and there was Beecher down on one knee with a ring in his hand. He asked me to marry and after asking if this was for real, I said YES! The best part is, it is caught on film from 4 different camera angles!

Videographer: Beecher Reuning