April and Alex

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Chicago O'Hare International Airport

How We Met

Alex and I met on July 25, 2013.

I had just gotten a new job as a receptionist a few months prior and had made some new friends who invited me to spend the weekend with them and their friends at a cabin in Wisconsin Dells. Even though I didn’t really know these people too well, I decided to go anyway. Little did I know that this would be placed I would meet my future husband.

There were about 16 of us that stayed in that house that weekend. Out of the 16 of us, I’m pretty sure I was the only one who did not spend the entire weekend drunk. I mean if you were 19, far from home without your own car, and in a house full of strangers in the middle of a cornfield, would you??

Luckily, me not being drunk and making a fool out of myself is what got Alex intrigued by me. We were literally in a Jersey Shore party house. Shots of liquor for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and people twerking upside down on the walls. Probably even a few fist-pumps here and there. And then, you have me. Just sitting there and being my introverted and antisocial self. Eventually, I got talked into a game of flip cup. If you know how to play the game, then you’re obviously aware that you have to drink the beer in the cup. At the time, I hated the taste of beer and was reluctant to drink it. Alex noticed this and offered to drink my beer for me. Besides introducing ourselves to each other and playing flip cup, we only interacted a few other times with each other.

In an effort to try and impress me, Alex tried to show off his fly-killing skills and ended up just breaking a frame on the wall and letting the stupid fly getaway.

Fast forward to a few days later, it was time to go back home. Everyone said goodbye to each other, we all got into our cars, and drove off. I left that house thinking it would just be a memory of a trip I went on. I had no idea that this would be the place that changed my life forever.

April and Alex's Engagement in Chicago O'Hare International Airport

A few weeks after that trip, guess who walks into my work to apply for a job…yup, it’s Alex. As he’s filling out his job application, an employee walks in with a tiny Chihuahua the size of my hand. Alex looked up from what he was doing, full of excitement and goes “Wow! They let dogs in here?!” and being my sarcastic self, I go “Yeah, they let you in here didn’t they?” That was the day I went home with a tiny puppy in a copy paper box and not a single thought of Alex in my head.

We ended up going to the same college and even though we did not have any classes together, we somehow always ended up running into each other. Alex finally admitted once we were dating that he basically stalked me and knowing that I ran on “Filipino time” (meaning I was always late), he would anticipate where I would park my car and just park in that row even though he was always 20 minutes early and I was always 10 minutes late so he could walk me to class.

We ended up studying together every day in the library and at Dunkin Donuts. Since we also worked in the same building, Alex would always bring me food. You know the saying, “The best way to a man’s heart, is through his stomach?” Well even though I’m not a man, that was the case for me. If you know me, you know how much I like my food. Alex asked me on dates countless times, and every time, I said no. But I still took the food and just considered him to be a good friend. Eventually, our friendship blossomed, I actually went on dates with him, and he ended up asking me to be his girlfriend at the Christkindlmarket in Chicago (which is the reason why we go there every year on our anniversary).

The rest, as they say, is history.

April and Alex's Engagement in Chicago O'Hare International Airport

How They Asked

During our 6 year relationship, whenever I would travel without Alex, he would pick me up from the airport dressed up as a chauffeur carrying a cardboard sign and a dozen roses.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Chicago O'Hare International Airport

(Coming back from Cancun in 2014)

(Coming back from New York in 2017)

(Coming back from the Philippines in 2018)

Recently, I traveled with my mom to Connecticut for my grandmas’ 86th birthday. Because of work, Alex was not able to come with me and knowing this, I knew he would pick me up from the airport wearing his chauffeur’s outfit, carrying a cardboard sign and a dozen roses with him as per usual. What I did not know, was that this was the day he was going to get down on one knee and ask me to be his wife…

April's Proposal in Chicago O'Hare International Airport

As I got off the plane and came down the escalator, I spotted my brother and his girlfriend peeking out from the corner of the wall with their phones out and just assumed that they were taking photos of me. As I approached Alex, I started to hear “Marry Me” by Train and if you watch my proposal video, you can see my smile drop and turn into Kim Kardashian’s ugly cry. I’m a huge fan of One Tree Hill and if you’re familiar with it, you know that this is the song that Brooke Davis walks down the aisle to in her wedding (which is also the song Alex knew I planned on walking down the aisle to, hence the waterworks). Through all the tears, I actually managed to say yes!

(Just adding a random “Naley” reference here, “Don’t say I never gave you anything”) If you know, you know…

(“Naley” reference #2: Always and Forever) Once again…if you know, you know.

Although Alex and I no longer talk to the people we went to that cabin in Wisconsin with years ago, I just want to acknowledge the fact that I wouldn’t be able to share our love story without all of you. If you guys end up reading this, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for introducing me to the love of my life and my future husband.

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