April and Ace

How We Met: Around May 2011, I got out of a bad break up and spent most of my time with my two best girlfriends to distract myself. Ace at the time was best friends with their boyfriends and we all hung out every weekend.

In June 2011 we went to the Pickering Ribfest and both my best friend Alyssa and her boyfriend (now husband) Richard thought “wouldn’t it be nice if April and Ace got together and started dating?”. Alyssa mentioned this to our other best friend Jessica who casually let this slip one day and planted the seed in our heads! I was very hesitant at first and refused to be set up even if they thought we were a good match.

By the end of August 2011, with everyone’s persistence I gave in and Ace and I went on our first date. We spent more and more time together, getting to know each other, all the while being teased by our friends who set the whole thing up. I refused to say we were official until September of 2011 but within a month I couldn’t fight it anymore, I knew Ace and I would be together forever. Somehow deep down I knew I found the man of my dreams and my happily ever after, and its finally here.

how they asked: Ace’s birthday was Saturday July 25th and I had the whole weekend planned. Leading up to his birthday he told me he had a work event on Sunday July 26th, where they won an award and they were holding a luncheon after and we all had to be in attendance. I was upset because I thought it was ruining my plans for the his birthday weekend. He was very adamant on going since he told his bosses we would already be there.

Sunday morning arrives and I was exhausted from the day before I decided last minute I wasn’t going to go and refused to get up and get ready. He bribed me to get up by saying he would buy me a pair of Nike runners and I shot up and happily got ready for his work event (anything Nike is the way to my heart haha)! We drove up to the harbour front center area and parked pretty far away from where the awards were being held at the Toronto Music Garden (garden amphitheater).

It was barely 10 am and it was so hot and we haven’t eaten breakfast I didn’t think we would make it to the award site. We started to walk up the steps of the Music Garden and didn’t see anyone. I instantly blurted out while laughing at ourselves “oh my goodness your work gave you the wrong address and we’re at the wrong place and we’re going to be late!” all the while I was thinking how funny it was all at the same time because we were the only people there!

Image 1 of April and Ace

He laughed but ignored what I was saying and we continued to walk up the rest of the steps. We stood under the circular pavilion and he grabbed both of my hands and told me he loved me and I was his best friend. He then said “Remember when we first started dating I said, when you truly love someone, you love them forever?”. He got down on one knee and asked “April will you marry me?”.

Image 2 of April and Ace

He pulled out the most beautiful ring I had ever seen! I was in so much shock that I was crying my eyes you could barely hear me say “of course!”.

Image 3 of April and Ace

I continued to sob and he told me to turn around. I looked over and saw my sister Laura and her boyfriend Danny running out from the bushes while taking a ton of pictures. I am so excited to be marrying my love and light, my best friend.

Image 4 of April and Ace

Image 5 of April and Ace

Image 6 of April and Ace

Photos by: Laura Cortez