Aparna and Jeremy

How We Met

Our story begins not so much with how we met but with each step we took in order to meet the other. I was born in India and immigrated to upstate New York as a kid. My fiance was born in New Jersey and moved to upstate New York at about the same time. We had lived minutes from each other and never crossed paths. Within a year, I moved to Pennsylvania and became a lawyer, and he moved to Arizona and became a musician and web developer. Our roads diverged, and there was no chance of us meeting by happenstance.

Proposal Ideas Sedona, Arizona

Aparna's Proposal in Sedona, Arizona

Then, 20 years later, we both moved to Brooklyn and started looking for love in all the places. One fine day, I received a message on a dating application. It was my fiance, probably making a dad joke. Despite this, I was charmed and struck up a conversation. A few puns later, we decided to meet. We would have our first date at Heavy Woods in Bushwick. When the day came, I was having massive train issues and was 50 minutes late to the date. As I power walked to the bar, I figured he would have left. Anyone else would have left by now. But when I walked into the bar, there he was. Our paths had finally found each other.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sedona, Arizona

how they asked

This past Christmas, we decided that after nearly 3 years of dating, it was high time that our families meet each other. And so, we decided that we would take a joint family trip to Sedona, Arizona, with my brother and parents and my fiance’s mom and sisters in tow. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, I never had great luck with flights. When we landed at the Phoenix airport, the airlines had lost my luggage. I was a bit unhappy because Sedona was hours away and the airlines would have to drive my luggage to me when it finally arrived. What can you do? We went on our merry way to Sedona. The next morning, my luggage still hadn’t arrived and I was feeling ripe. To help me forget, my fiance and I decided to get breakfast for everyone.

As we were driving to pick up food, we passed one of the “vortexes” that Sedona is famous, a spiritual spot full of energy and general good vibes. Jeremy said that maybe we should check it really quick before it gets busy. It was a short hike and the morning was bright, crisp, and beautiful. When we got to the top of the vortex, the entire valley of Sedona layout before us. Because it was so serene, I sat criss-crossed before the edge of the cliff and closed my eyes to meditate. In a minute, Jeremy told me to open my eyes. When I did, he was on the very edge of the cliff, on his knee. The sun was rising behind him, and the entire valley was behind him. I immediately started crying as he said some words about love that I don’t really remember too well. I then noticed the beautiful rose gold pink sapphire mandala ring that he had designed as an homage to my Indian culture. I, of course, said yes because he’s the best human I’ve ever met.

Later that day, we took our families back to the spot of the engagement. Strangely enough, there happened to be a Tibetan Buddhist monk, who visited that site every five years to commemorate the death of his lifelong partner. When we told him that he had gotten engaged earlier that day, he performed a traditional binding ceremony between Jeremy and I. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. So I guess we’re kind of married already.