Apara and Marlon

Apara and Marlon's Engagement in Sydney, Australia

How We Met

We met through mutual friends at a Fitness Expo when Marlon had just moved to Perth from NZ. I ended up catching up with him again and showing him around Perth with trips to the beaches and out on the town to check out the nightlife.

How They Asked

Marlon and I were doing long distance for 18 months before my recent move to Sydney from Perth. He had been planning this for months and even banned me from looking at his phone for a few months leading up to the day of the proposal. I had no idea what he was planning or when. He wanted it to be a surprise and it definitely was!

On the day of the proposal, I thought I was going for a girl’s night out with Marlon’s cousins and sisters-in-law to celebrate a few birthdays and my recent move to Sydney. They set up a Facebook group chat to figure out what day and time would suit everyone. They then decided we should dress up and go for a fancy dinner as they don’t get to do it as often as most of them have kids. I later found out that this group was set up just to nudge me into dressing up for the night as I don’t dress up very regularly.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sydney, Australia

Marlon’s sisters-in-law picked me up from my place as it was on the way to the restaurant that they had me believe we were going to for dinner. Once we were close to the proposed site they took their time with fixing their parking inch by inch, fixing their makeup and calling their daughter to “check up on her” (which I later found out was to call Marlon and let him know we were a few minutes away). They decided to park up a steep hill and walk down to the proposal site so that I wouldn’t see the set up before we arrived.

Once I saw the proposal set up, I thought it was lovely but didn’t know it was for me as I thought we were just passing by to get to our restaurant as it was on the way. I was then led closer to the proposal set up and told this was actually set up for me. At first, I didn’t believe them and flat out refused to go any closer seeing as it would be rude if it wasn’t for me. After some reassuring that it was in fact for me, I was told to go inside where I would find an iPad waiting for me and all I had to do was press play.

Once I sat down on the chair provided and clicked play on the iPad, I saw that it was a video with all our family and friends from both Marlon’s side and mine telling me why I should say yes to Marlon. I was so shocked, overwhelmed and in awe in that moment. He had managed to get our family and friends from around the world involved in the video. It was so thoughtful, and I loved that they could be part of our special moment.

At the end of the video the words “There is just one more question to ask…” and then Marlon came into view, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, to which is replied “Yes”, I think even before he had finished asking me the question. He had completely taken me by surprise, and everyone was in on it but me!

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