Aofie and Walker

How We Met

Walker and Aofie meet on an airplane when they were both traveling from London to New York. Aofie was going there on a business trip and Walker had taken a few days holiday to explore the city. They had gotten the seats next to each other on the plane and when Walker saw the beautiful woman sitting next to her, he knew instantly he needed to strike up a conversation with her. Taking an hour or to gather up enough courage to start talking to Aofie, he finally proceeded to ask her about her trip to New York and as faith would have it, they were both booked at the same hotel. After landing in New York and sharing a taxi to their hotel, Aofie agreed to have dinner with Walker the following night and they have been together ever since. Both now count that trips as the best trip they have ever taken.

how they asked

Walker came to The Proposers as he knew we could help him create the most perfect proposal for his lovely girlfriend Aofie. He told The Proposers Planners that he wanted to propose in a luxury hotel in London but somewhere that had never been done before! The Proposers expert planners knew the perfect location…The Corinthia Hotel!

With its stunning rooms, elegant restaurants, and superb dining, The Proposal Planners knew that this place was going to be an instant attraction and unforgettable place for Walker and his beautiful bride to be.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Corinthia Hotel

The day of the proposal arrived and to ensure Aofie didn’t suspect a thing, Walker had told her that he had booked dinner in the hotel… this was slightly true!

The lovely couple headed to the restaurant in which our Proposal Planner greeted the couple, acting undercover as a Corinthia member of staff & guided them to the private room…

Where to Propose in The Corinthia Hotel

Aofie's Proposal in The Corinthia Hotel

Aofie still didn’t suspect a thing! As she opened the doors, Aofie couldn’t believe her eyes! The whole room was transformed by The Proposers’ Planners, pink rose petals, glistening candles and glowing fairy lights filled the room! In front of her, there was a stunning walkway in which Walker then took her hand and walked her down. At the end of the walkway, Walker confessed his undying love to Aofie, got down on one knee and asked those four loving words ‘Will You Marry Me?’.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Corinthia Hotel

She said YES!

The wonderful couple then enjoyed a three-course dinner and a lovely bottle of champagne to celebrate their engagement with the stunning décor surrounding them.

Congratulations Walker and Aofie!

With love from The Proposers,

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