Any and Marc

How We Met

“You should be my brother’s date on my cousin’s wedding!”…This is how it all started. Thank You Renee!! =) Marc and Any met on Any’s Graduation day. They were introduced by Renee Crepeau (Marc’s sister and Any’s friend); This was the very first time they met before going to Marc’s cousin wedding on June 1st, 2013.

They were a bit doubtful going into this almost blind date but the sweet accent, funny and smart personality of the little Ecuadorian was enough for Marc to ask Any out again… and the story continues!

Any's Proposal in United States, MN

how they asked

Summer 2014 was the first time Marc visited Ecuador and after seeing the place that made Any such a wonderful woman, he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. After almost a year of planning; what started out as a normal day in the life of an MBA student (Any), it ended up in what she calls “the best surprise of her life.” On the evening of Thursday, September 24th, 2015 Any goes to her locker at school to get ready for her evening MBA class and finds her locker wrapped as a present and inside there was a white dress, shoes and a card that said “I know we haven’t gone out in a while so let’s get dressed up tonight and have a little fun.” While for many people, this might seem like a “hint”, for Any it didn’t mean anything but another one of Marc’s cute and unexpected date night ideas that he usually plans once in a while.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in United States, MN

At around 9:00 pm Marc picks up Any and starts driving towards a restaurant in Maple Grove. While in the parking lot, Marc pretends to have forgotten his card at home and insisted to drive back (home was 5 mins away from the restaurant). Once they got home, Marc goes into the house and after a few minutes of “looking for the card”, he calls and says “My love can you just come inside the house and help me look for the card?” As Any enters the house, everything was dark but there was a lighted path to the backyard where Marc was waiting standing in one knee and holding a ring in his hand.