Anusha and Reavens

How We Met

I chose to describe our story with the word “serendipity” because the development and random occurrences of our lives brought us to each other. Here’s how:

Reavens and I met during undergrad at Andrews University in Michigan. We didn’t really know each other, but we knew of each other and said “hi” every once in a while. He was a few a years ahead of me so our circles didn’t really run into each other. He moved back to New Jersey after he graduated, and I continued on to grad school in Florida. We didn’t have any sort of communication or connection with each other besides social media. During those years, we were both involved in serious relationships. He was with someone he thought he was going to marry, and coincidentally, I was too. We both gave everything we had in those relationships, and both relationships ended.

Fast forward to 2015- both of us are single, and my best friend’s fiancé at the time (who coincidentally is one of Reavens’ best friends) randomly mentioned my name to him. Instead of acting on it, he waited and desired to really heal from past relationships prior to reaching out to me. Fast forward again to Oct 31, 2015- his buddy from college is getting married in…Maryland! He was invited to the wedding and came down for the weekend. I was not invited but all my friends urged me to come to their church potluck anyway. Hesitant to crash the party, I decided to come anyway. I swear something inside of me was telling me to go. And there- it happened. He saw me, I saw him and we haven’t stopped talking ever since.

But the story doesn’t end there. Reavens’ and I battled long distance for about a year. We would even try to meet halfway between New Jersey and Maryland to have dinner during the week. We did everything we could. And bam- he lost his job. The company had to let go of veterans and hire newer, cheaper employees. We start the search for jobs everywhere, and of course, Maryland. After months of searching and sending him money to survive, I was able to find a job listing in Washington, DC. He applied, he got it, he moved! Crazy enough, now we both work together for that company. And now, we’re getting married.

These “random occurrences and development of events” have truly brought us the most joy, despite the ups and downs.

– Serendipity.

how they asked

The videos and photos do a great job of describing the day, so I hope I can explain it just as well!

In November 2017, Reavens and I discussed rings. I mentioned to him that I really wanted a ring that symbolized something or carried meaning with it. We talked about non-conflict rings, and I fell in love with the idea of getting a diamond, with no one getting hurt in the process. So we went ring shopping and I found “the one”! I was so excited to get to that moment with him. We started pre-engagement counseling and decided to really focus on our relationship.

But, like any other female who wants to get married, during every special occasion I would get my hopes up of a proposal- Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, random date nights, a Sunday lol- you name it! But those days passed and I was still ringless. Finally, my birthday, May 1st, comes around. But again- NOTHING. I told myself, “Anusha, let it go. It’ll happen when the time is right like everything else did.”

Saturday, May 5th, Reavens tells me he has a church concert to play at (oh yeah, he’s a pretty awesome drummer!). He begs me to come, see him play, and reluctantly, I decided to go. My brother in law offered to drive me there while Reavens went to set up and practice, as usual. As I’m getting ready, I kept talking myself out of thinking that today would be the day he proposes. I would pick a cute outfit, but then say, “No, he’s not going to ask you.” I would attempt to put on makeup, but then remind myself- “Don’t get your hopes up, Anusha.” So I decided, no makeup and just an old church dress- why not.

We begin the drive to DC for the concert, but as we’re in route my brother in law starts to drive slower as if he was stalling for something (or someone!). The thoughts of a proposal quickly flooded back into my mind, and my defense against those thoughts were working overtime.

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We pull up to this random park, and I see Reavens’ car there. And then it hit me- this is it, it’s going down! I began freaking out in the car. My brother in law calmly says, “I’m instructed to tell you to walk across this bridge, and you’ll know what to do.” I get out the car, totally shaking and flustered, and I see a photographer, a videographer, and beautiful balloons reading “Will you marry me?” leading up to him. Reavens was standing there, so handsomely might I add, waiting for me by beautiful string lights (I have a thing for string lights) and heart balloons. In the background, he played one of our songs- “No one else” by Amel Larrieux. “Swift as a Windsong, you sang the music of an honest bird. I waited for some contradiction, but the truth was ringing in your every word. And every moment since then, the one thing I can tell is that I belong with you and no one else..”

I completely lost it! I was crying, he was crying. It was magic.

After the proposal, we had a mini-photoshoot. I called everyone and sent them the first picture you see below. We drove home, and when we get there, our family and friends were there to surprise me and celebrate the beautiful moment with us. I was especially happy to see my future sister in law, who was pregnant and flew from Las Vegas, our two friends that hooked us up, and so many other family members and friends!

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It was amazing and so very perfect.

I hope I did our story justice, and I hope you had a smile on your face like I did while writing this!

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