Anum and Mohsin

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Somerset, NJ

How We Met

We met through mutual friends and then fell in love unexpectedly. The rest can be seen in the video.

How They Asked

He told her he had jury duty so she wouldn’t wonder why he’s not responding while in flight from Florida to New Jersey. He picked up the beautiful custom ring from NYC Diamond District, met up with the photographer at the location, and walked him through his vision. After coordinating with friends and family, everything was set up and she was brought to the site of the proposal. All her friends and some of his were lined up holding signs and roses on a path leading up to him under a gazebo standing in a heart made from roses. The tune of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ filled the air, played by a live violinist with the piano accompaniment through a speaker.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Zeshan Husain
 | Filming & Editing Video
Danilo Hernandez
 | Photographer
Jonathan Hernandez
 | Videographer