Anu and Tobi

how they asked: As a tradition in North Germany, a woman that is not engaged or married with 30, has to clean doorknobs.My boyfriend … or now fiancé, has planed something for me.Months in advance, he began to plan the proposal and film it. To me he has only told, I should clean doorknobs. I was not really happy about it, but accepted it. Could be funny, right?

Well… I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday with a big party and a lot of friends and so on. So, I invited my family to a dinner and booked a restaurant.

On my birthday I started my day with relaxing and starting to get ready. My boyfriend (till then) came earlier home from work to spend some time with me. We went to my favorite french fries shop to have a snack. Back at home, I started to do my hair and fulfill my makeup. Afterwards we went to the restaurant I have booked. I dawdled as always, so my family and best friend were waiting outside the restaurant.

I got a lot of flowers and gifts.Then my boyfriend said, when I wanted to go in, that we have now to go to another place. He pulls out an apron and a brush – for the doorknobs. I was confused, because I had booked a table! So he told me that he has canceled it and I thought: ‘Oh Oh!’ We got back in the car and went to the real location. We were very late and my boyfriend was totally annoyed, because he was afraid we got too late.

As we have arrived (at a shopping center with a cinema), we ran to the cinema. The confusion has been getting bigger and bigger. As we took place, the advertising began. Three spots later, a movie was displayed. My kid-photos has appeared on the screen and our song (Don’t let you go), afterwards my fiancé talking to all people sitting around us.

It was SO romantic. Tears run down my cheeks as waterfalls. He talked about our time together and our ups and downs. The movie showed how he has choosed my ring and asked my father if he is allowed to marry me.


When the film has finished, he took my hand and we stood up. It was so sweet! He said that he didn’t want to miss the time with me, dropped to one knee and asked me the question of all questions. Of course I said yes! As the light on to it’s fullest in the front and back row has sat all our friends who were invited to this amazing surprise.

Best birthday ever …