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Antonia's Proposal in Split, Crroatia

How We Met

When people ask my fiance Toni and me how we met each other, we usually give them the fun, short version: “On Facebook! – Thanks, Zuckerburg!” But the real story is a bit more complicated than that. Back in 2012, months after one of those horrible high school breakups, Toni saw my profile pop up and added me. A few days later he texted me and wanted to hang out. I nearly typed nope no thanks immediately. Two days later, Toni called me (Yes, called! Not texted – he got my number from a common friend) asking if we could meet the coming weekend.

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Marriage Proposal Ideas in Split, Crroatia

While I hadn’t forgotten him, I was surprised by his courage. And so we went on our first date (drinks), and another (small town party), and another (dinner), and another (night swimming) until I lost track and it became understood that we may actually be dating. And we were having fun! It felt easy. We were becoming close quickly. So we were just kids when we fell in love and now six years later we are planning the wedding.

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Proposal Ideas Split, Crroatia

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Our story is packed with unique emotions and true magic. Toni proposed to me at an old antique garden on our anniversary. The violinist played “She” by Charles Aznavour. The whole morning was raining and I did not know about his plans so I didn’ care much about it. At the time when he came to pick me up, the sun was shining, and the sky and clouds were like given. On our proposal day, we both lived our fairy tale. That day I was secretly expecting since I was a little girl. Fantasized, tailoring it to the slightest detail. Perfect location and dress, the warmth of candle. But there was something missing in that child’s fantasy. That One visual of person to who I’ll say YES. I could see Him, but it was blurry. I felt it. I knew what it was supposed to be.

A lot of years and invented scenarios after, I’ve gained more than things I have dreamed of. I got a man who I love. Which I know. Which is always there. Which is my past, present, and future? Which became part of me. Toni, my love, thank you for everything. Also, thanks to my family and our closest friends who came because that day wouldn’t be a dream come true without them. Those who were not here, we thought of them. 16.5.2018.

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