Antonia and Doug

How We Met

I was a 2nd-year medical student studying for Step 1, the first big board exam in medical school. Doug was the 3rd year and was running a Step 1 review course. I thought he was cute but dating was not on my mind with a big exam coming up. One girls’ night, my friends and I were talking about guys and dating and my friend Carolyn said “You should date Doug! You guys would make a cute couple.” I said she was crazy and thought it seemed so random, but my friend Courtney, who was friends with Doug, was all about it and wanted to set us up. I finally agreed, Courtney put us in touch, and Doug and I picked a date to get together for dinner. We ended up going to 4 different restaurants/bars that evening because we didn’t want the night to end! We met up again the next day for brunch, then the day after that for dinner… and the rest is history!

One of our first photos together:

Antonia and Doug's Engagement in St. Lucia

How They Asked

Flash forward almost 3 years later… I am living in Columbus and Doug in Cincinnati. Long distance is going well — we are both medical residents and don’t have a lot of free time, but are able to spend a lot of it together. We were able to schedule a vacation together in February and booked a trip to St. Lucia to escape Ohio winter. We had talked a lot about getting engaged and married at this point, so it was obviously in my mind that a vacation proposal was a possibility. Plus, sooo many people had asked if I thought Doug would propose on this trip! I didn’t want to be disappointed, though, so I convinced myself it wasn’t going to happen. And Doug did a great job of trying to throw me off, saying things implying that he hadn’t bought a ring yet.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in St. Lucia

In the morning the day of the proposal, Doug said I needed to be dressed nicely and ready for a surprise at 4:00 pm. Of course, my mind was racing about the possibility of a proposal but, again, I told myself it wasn’t happening. Besides, this wasn’t the first time Doug had planned a cute surprise just because, so it was very possible he was just doing something like that. So I put on my new dress I bought for vacation and we headed down to the lobby and got in a cab. We drove away from the resort and up higher and higher until we got to a ledge with 360-degree views of the ocean and the island. There was a photographer taking pictures of a woman… the decoy! They said they were finishing up their shoot and started moving away, and Doug walked me over to the side of the overlook. The next thing I knew, he was down on one knee pulling a box out of his sock, asking me to marry him! I think I said, “Oh my gosh!” over and over until Doug asked if I said “yes” and if he could put the ring on. I said “YES!” and my dream man put my dream ring on my finger.

We spent some time reveling in the excitement of the moment, taking in the gorgeous view, and enjoying a picnic and champagne. Then we headed back to the resort to FaceTime/call/text our family and friends (many of whom knew… they did a good job keeping the secret!). The evening ended with a private dinner on the water and champagne turn-down service in the room. Then we spent the rest of the week celebrating in paradise!

The green mountain in the background is the engagement spot:

Special Thanks

Kendall Moonie
 | Photographer