Antonella and Salvatore

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How We Met

We originally met at a bar in Bay Ridge called Cebu. We didn’t talk much or exchange numbers at the time, but a couple years later we connected via social media and started talking and finally hung out together. After our first date, I knew she was the one. Not only did I fall in love with her looks, but also her personality and everything else about her. The rest is history!

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how they asked

Salvatore: Since we’ve been dating, Antonella and I would go to NYogurt, which is a frozen yogurt place on Staten Island where we had our first date and where I wrote at the bottom of my cup if she would be my girlfriend so she’d see it after all the frozen yogurt was done, but unfortunately the place closed down and I really couldn’t think of another special place to pop the questions. However, Antonella has been wanting to go to Grand Central for the longest time, so I figured it was the perfect place to ask, and she’d be so surprised. We originally had Keens Steakhouse booked for dinner, and it just so happened that Grand Central was a 5-minute car ride, so it worked out perfect.

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After dinner, we headed over to GCT and walked around for a few minutes taking pictures until it was time to take one together. We just so happened we ran into a photographer who we asked to take our picture. Little did Antonella know that the photographer was actually a planned videographer who I hired to catch this special moment and he played his part exactly how we scripted it!

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After I found the right place to ask, we posed for a picture, and then another one and as she was focusing on the photographer, I grabbed her closely, said a few words from the heart, and got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.

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She was caught off guard and was so surprised that she was speechless at first, but then gave me a big kiss and said yes! everything was caught on film and everything went as planned. My sisters surprised us as well and she took some beautiful pictures with her Cannon. After the actual proposal, we did some filming ourselves to make a beautiful video as you see in the shared link. The voice overs were after the fact because it was to loud to hear us in the actual Terminal.

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Everything in the video was my idea with a little help from the videographer and couldn’t be more pleased with all the events that took place that night and how the video came out. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Max Bovin
 | Videographer
Serafina Taormina
 | Photographer