Antonella and Mauricio

how we met

We first saw each other during high school summer school, we both were wearing Converse sneakers, that especially caught our attention for each other. We were not taking the same class but were aware of each other’s existence. Although, we were dying to speak to each other, we would only make eye contact for an entire month, which was the duration of summer school. One day Mauricio waved at me and say “Hi” and I replied back with a “Hi” and a smile–that was the only word we exchanged. On the last day of summer school, we saw each other while riding the public bus and both of us though that that was going to be the last time we would see each other, since all the students who were taking summer classes at that specific school were assigned to different high schools. However, we both were just too nervous to speak to each other and let the opportunity pass thinking that we would never see each other again. School started after almost 2 months. Few days passed by, probably weeks, then, the unthinkable happened, we ended up finding each other again in the same high school! We coincidentally first saw each other again on a staircase of our high school while rushing to get to class in between class periods. Our adventure together begins from there because Mauricio didn’t let the opportunity pass again.

how they asked

Mauricio got the ring he wanted and had to decide to propose either on my birthday or on Christmas day. He decided not to tell anyone, so the proposal was a surprise, not just for me, but for everyone. He proposed on my birthday, right after dinner surrounded by my family.


Special Thanks

Lincoln Memorial
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Nancy Gaona
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