Stephanie and Anthony

How We Met: We have been friends for years but I knew the time had come to propose after we had been dating for ten years!

how they asked: Stephanie and I had arranged for a group of friends to go for lunch one sunday afternoon. Little did she know I had a lot more planned!

I had hired Proposal Planners The One Romance to help plan a really spectacular proposal for her – and I wanted to make sure it was a HUGE UNEXPECTED SURPRISE! Stephanie’s best friend Jenny was also joining us all for lunch, so I let slip that I thought Jenny’s boyfriend was about to propose! Stephanie compleyely fell for it whihc was perfect, esecally when random strangers began handing Jenny red roses.

Image 1 of Stephanie and Anthony

Convinced that this was going to be Jenny’s proposal Stephanie went along with it, with no idea that it was actually going to end up being the proposal of HER dreams. TO keep up with the act, we all walked passed a busker who was playing a song called “marry me” – he even interested Jenny’s name into the song to keep up the pretence. At this point, someone approached Jenny and asked her to sit by the fountain. Jenny (who was in on the plan!) insisted that Stephanie come with her, and they both made their way to the edge of the fountain and sat down.

Image 2 of Stephanie and Anthony

Suddenly acrobats started to perform infront of them -doing all sorts of backflips, somersault and jumps. But it started to get a LOT more romantic when they began to hold of signs. The signs were all of Stephanie and My “Firsts” eg, Our first kiss, our first home etc etc.

Image 3 of Stephanie and Anthony

It was at this point when Stephanie began to realise that the signs were about her…..and I could see on the look on her face that it dawned on her that this proposal was not for Jenny, it was for her!

After 10 signs were held up, it was my time to appear. I was holding a final sign that said “Will you marry me?”

She said yes!!

Proposal Planner : The One Romance