Anthony and Stephanie

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How We Met

We had met through some friends of other social groups, never really took notice until she has kept popping up everywhere. (Not to mention her eye-catching raw beauty).

So we began to chat back and forth and after about 5 days we decided to go out for our very first coffee and it was then, after spending only a couple of hours with her, her raw intellectual and intelligent mind, cheeky smile, raw beauty had begun to draw me in and hard to resist such an amazing human with a heart of gold, and I knew I had to make her mine.

Fast forward almost 5 years and here we are today, I’m engaged to the most amazing human being in the world.

how they asked

Every day with Stephanie was a fairy tale, I knew that I wanted to make the surprise proposal a fairytale also, so I had begun to plan the perfect proposal for the perfect girl. In the beginning, it was hard trying to keep it hidden because I had never kept any secrets from her and I hated trying to cover up what was going on, but I knew to pull it off I would have to.

After I had decided to do what I was going to do I put that plan into action, I booked us a Villa at Crown Casion which overlooked the Melbourne city and the skyline. I went hunting for props almost every day up until the day of the proposal. I had told her we have a black tie work function so it would not look out of the ordinary when I started to book her in for her hair and makeup and dress shopping. Keeping in mind I wanted it to all be a fairytale.

The day of the proposal, I was up at 4:30 am to hit the gym and get ready for the big day, We both had the day off so I had to tell her I was going in to help set up for the event today so I would not bed home. That morning I had gone to grab the few minutes last thing and my suit I had made for the very special occasion. I got to the hotel and checked in, when walking into the Villa my heart began to pound uncontrollably because it was all starting to set in that, this girl this amazing human being is the person who I was going to spend the rest of my life with and it was amazing, a feeling I had never felt before.

Once in the room I began to set up rearranging some furniture and planning out how to do this, with the help of some close friends We had placed rose petals from the front door all the way through the lounge room leaving a trail to that master bedroom where the trail had opened up to a large love heart that I would be standing in overlooking the city. On top of the rose petals were candles that I was going to light so that as she entered the room it would light the way to everlasting love. I had sent my beautiful partner out to have her nails done and have a mother-daughter day out and thanks to her mum who was a great help I was able to pull this off. I couldn’t wait to see her expression when she came that night. After setting up the rose petals and candles we had got around 50 balloons blown up and placed all around the ceiling of the room, it needed to be perfect and like a fairytale. I had also got a fair few pictures of us framed and placed around the rooms with a vase of roses behind the pictures.

It was 4:00 that afternoon where the ball really started rolling thing we had almost finished setting up the room and it was an amazing feeling all day long. My friends had left after helping set up, I was so overwhelmed with joy I had started to play Michael Buble and started to dance all by myself imagining it was only her and I in the room and nothing else mattered. I then layer out flat on the bed and couldn’t get the huge smile off my face. By now Stephanie was on her way to have her hair and makeup done.

It was 7:00 now and I revived the text from the driver I had booked to pick her up from home and bring her to the hotel, still she thought we were going to be going to a black tie event, while on her way in I had both my parent their for the special occasion, little did they know they were going to be hidden in a closet, I had also booked a photographer (Shardey Olynyk Photography ) to capture this special moment. 7:25pm I got a text from her saying 10 minutes away, it was almost game time I began to light the candles on the rose petal trail, I dimmed the lights all the way down, the city was light up, it was perfect. I told her my boss had booked a room and to collect the key card from reception and make her way up.

The time had come, I had stuck the parents in the closet and had the photographer stand behind myself to capture every single moment about to happen, I had closed the door in the Master bedroom where I was standing so that way we knew when she would be entering the room when she opens the door. We herd the first door open “click” my heart began to race, my life, best friend, soul mate and back bone was about to enter the master bedroom. She follows the trail and lead her to the master bedroom door,”click” she had opened it, here she came. To see that priceless look on her face made this whole day worth it, the photographer began to take photos and capture the most amazing night of our life’s, she followed the trail and stood inside the heart with me, that was where I began to start my speech that I had written her. I was reading while she was overwhelmed with joy, the time had come to pop the big question “ Stephanie will you Marry Me?” Uncontrollably crying she kept saying yes yes yes, this had been the most amazing 3 letter word anyone has said to me ever, we were both so overwhelmed even I began to cry. That was it everything ran so perfectly and she was now officially my fiancé.