Anthony and Nadeen

How we met

We met the way millennial’s meet, Facebook. We were friends apparently for a very long time but never said anything to each other. One day, she posted a picture at a Phoenix Suns game. I posted “Go Suns” and she wrote back and within minutes we exchanged numbers. Our first date almost never happened, I had cancelled because I was stubborn and wanted to know what I wanted to do on our first date and she had other ideas. She ended up compromising and going out to dinner and I am glad Nadeen decided to go. Ironically, now that I am thinking about it, I have been compromising every since.

how they asked

That morning I had planned for us to drive to Sedona for me to propose. Unfortunately, on the day that was planned I got the flu and was sick and could not get out of bed. However, this was the big day. We got in the car and took the 2 hour drive to Sedona. I was dead sick. We had a photographer waiting with my plan. We walked on the creek and (what she thought was random) met a photographer. We took pictures and what Nadeen didn’t know was the photographer was planned she fell into my trap.

Within minutes, she threw rose petals in the air in which she thought was just a prop. However, when she threw the rose petals in the air, opened her eyes, there I was on one knee asking her to be my wife! She said yes!!

Special Thanks

JP Photography