Anthony and Lexy

How We Met

What started as my best friend, ended up the man of my dreams. Anthony and I are both from a small town in Indiana where we attended the same high school. We hung out in the same circle of friends, and I have always enjoyed Anthony’s sense of humor. He was the guy who could entertain an entire room full of people all by himself. We lost touch after high school when I went away to college and he joined the Navy.

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Fast forward to 3 years later when he came home on leave for a small break and we rekindled our friendship. With him being stationed in Hawaii and me living in Indiana, we had no intentions of ever being anything more than friends, but life had a different plan!

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A few texts a day turned into hours on the phone and he quickly became my favorite person to talk to. Anthony found out he was getting deployed in October 2015, so our long distance got a little more complicated! As a submariner in the Navy our communication was little to none while he was deployed. After numerous emails and being glued to my phone waiting for a call, we made it through deployment!

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I flew out to Hawaii as soon as he was back and after having no communication for that long it really makes you appreciate how much you love someone. These past 2 years of long distance have not always been easy, but they have been the best two year of my life. Every expensive flight from Indiana to Hawaii, 3 hour phone call and waaay to many text messages have been so worth it. Anthony is the most genuine, trust worthy person, I have ever met. He truly makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

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how they asked

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Come May 2017, our long distance will FINALLY be over!! He will be done with his 5 years in the military and we will be together in Indiana. So when I flew to Hawaii in March we knew it would be my last time there. With a big change in our relationship right around the corner, we had just started to talk more about the next step and what our future would hold. Anthonys response was almost always very casually “no need to rush!” So I had pretty much just assumed an engagement was not at all in the near future. Little did I know, this was all part of Anthonys plan! He wanted to throw me off so that I didn’t see it coming at all! With Hawaii being the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to, I have been asking Anthony for months now to take some professional pictures. (Our iPhone selfies just aren’t doing Hawaii justice!) I wanted to have some nice pictures to be able to hang in our new place! He suggested we just use the go pro or have one of his roommates take them, avoiding actual professional pictures at all cost. Or so I thought!! When I got to Hawaii he surprised me and told me we were going to the mall to get some new outfits for the photo session he planned the next day. I was so excited!! When we got to the spot where we were going to be taking pictures I noticed it was the same spot we had visited on my very first trip to Hawaii. Thinking nothing of a proposal I just thought it was so sweet he would remember this exact spot. We started the photo session and got some gorgeous pictures in a romantic little spot tucked away. We had taken about 50 pictures together before the photographer said “before you change into your next outfit, do you mind if I take some photos of just you in that dress?” Being totally oblivious I said of course! So Anthony walked away as she started to pose me. She told me to face the ocean and glance over to the left while she photographed the lace on the back of my dress. After a few photos she said, “okay now you can look to your right!” And when I did, Anthony was down on one knee! I have never been so surprised. It was the best moment of my life!!

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