Anthony and Kimberly

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Breckinridge, Colorado

Anthony and I met through a mutual friend about 7 years ago. We clicked immediately and were friends for a couple years before we were officially dating. My birthday is in February, so last year for Christmas Anthony told me we were going to Colorado for my birthday with some of our closest friends. I was over the moon. Colorado is one of my favorite places in winter time. So we get to Colorado and one of the first days there, we went skiing and snowboarding and one of our friends suggested we take a group photo with everyone on top of one the mountains. So as all of us are on top of this gorgeous mountain overlooking all of the other mountains, Anthony suggest we take a photo of us two looking out at the mountain. It felt like 10 minutes went by and I’m asking everyone if they are done taking pictures because it felt like an eternity lol While this was happening our friends behind us were getting signs together that said “Kim will you marry me?” So we took the photo and as I turned around Anthony got down on one knee and all of our friends were holding the sign. I started crying and now that I’m looking back it’s clicking why the picture was taking so long. It still is one of the most magical days of my life. I can’t believe he pulled it all off and I had no idea! He pulled the entire trip together not only for my bday but for our engagment and he did so good. Now when I go back to that spot in one of my favorite places, I will remember that day :) I couldn’t have had a better group of friends there with us who made it all happen too.