Anthony and Kenzi

How We Met

We are both military and met in a military course. We knew right away that it would be hard; serving in different branches and being stationed in completely different countries. But our love has endured months apart, miles between us, and tons of emails to keep in touch!

how they asked

Anthony flew home from South Korea for a two week break. We had already decided we would do a private vow ceremony on the beach just before Thanksgiving– we are so ready to be married and are looking forward to being stationed together in mid-2018!

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Where to Propose in Pass A Grille Beach, Florida

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Pass A Grille Beach, Florida

That being said, I did not expect anything except to just soak in time together before our Monday ceremony. But tonight at sunset on the beach, he walked me to the most beautiful waterside picnic of all our favorite things and immediately dropped to one knee.

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Anthony and Kenzi's Engagement in Pass A Grille Beach, Florida

I was completely surprised not only by the proposal but by the incredible set-up the team he had hired had put together for us! From our favorite charcuterie & cheesecake to cold champagne, it was amazing to share it all while snuggling on cozy pillows– on the beach! I absolutely will not ever forget tonight. I am so thankful he is home, even just for a few weeks, and that we got to celebrate our engagement just 48 hours becoming husband and wife!

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