Anthony and Claire

Where to Propose in Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, CA

How We Met

We actually met in Death Valley, CA, on a camping trip, but we didn’t get interested in each other until August of that year after my trip to Europe with my sister in 2015. Once we both got back on campus for the fall, he kept saying we should get some tea and talking about my trip, and we started hanging out a lot. We started dating in October, and since then have camped together, circumnavigated the globe together, and road-tripped around the National Parks together.

How They Asked

The whole weekend was an entire surprise. We live in Madison, Wisconsin and I thought we were going on a weekend trip up north to this cute island in Michigan, but we went to the airport in Chicago and got on a flight to LA! Our friend Maile picked us up and we went to Din Tai Fung, my absolute favorite restaurant, for dinner.

The next morning, Anthony left to go pick up a rental car and he came back with an Italian convertible which was actually really really cool and fun! Then we drove up the PCH through Malibu and stopped at Solvang for lunch. I still had no idea what was happening until it happened. Over lunch, he told me we were going up to Cambria, our favorite spot in the world.

We drove up the coast to Cambria, visited the Linn’s farm up this idyllic country lane, and then got pizza at JJ’s Diner, which we love and was the first place we went on our first trip to Cambria. We did a small ocean walk and ended up in a wine-tasting bar for the rest of the night.

The next day we had breakfast there and walked around to the ridiculously cute shops. We left at noon to drive to Big Sur. The entire drive is full of the most beautiful scenery you can imagine, with cliffs, rocks, winding roads, and vista points looking out over the ocean which stretches out unendingly. We stopped at Elephant Seal Beach, where you can see hundreds of seals lounging around on the beach. I didn’t know it, but it was there when he last had signal for the day, and got a text from the photographer that the parking lot was full and she didn’t have service. That explains why he was so rushed after that!

The last hour of the drive, he put on a playlist of all of our favorite songs. We pulled up to this area to go down to the small beautiful beach, but it was closed, so he got out and quietly told the ranger that we were getting engaged and it had to be there and she kindly let us through. Once down there we walked around a bit to the places we’d been before and then we stopped and he pulled out a letter he had typewritten to read to me. The letter was so sweet and beautiful and he was crying so I started crying and then at the end of the letter he asked me to marry him and I said yes!! And everyone was clapping around us and I realized that there was a photographer there (Darby) and then we took some more photos and we went to to a restaurant and had drinks and watched the sunset, and then to another place which was so cute and amazing and had the best dinner there! The next morning, we had breakfast in Cambria then drove back down to LA, where he had a surprise celebration with some of our friends in the area, which was such a wonderful way to round off the weekend. He completely blew my expectations away!

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Anthony's Proposal in Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, CA

Anthony and Claire's Engagement in Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, CA

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Special Thanks

Darby Velazquez
 | Photographer